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Fighting and persuading from the center

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Once again, yesterday, I learned great lessons at the Capitol Hill t’ai chi-sensing hands/push hands practice, including the following practice for sensing hands:

– Move hands little and with little force.

– Connect elbows with pusher.

– Connect palm to pusher’s’wrist.

– Push against opponent’s forearm, using the lower body to push.

– Rollback and press against opponent.

     – Sink into the press and push.

     – In yielding to the opponent, do not yield faster than the opponent moves.

     – Effective push hands can be accomplished through moving slowly.

      The hand movements become like a hydraulic system, without using much hand-arm force. 

The foregoing principles also apply very much to persuasion and to engaging opponents in any battle.  

    As always: Relax throughout, and apply the t’ai chi principles throughout.