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How to choose the best Fairfax DUI lawyer for you

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How to choose the best Fairfax DUI lawyer for you- Virginia attorney provides some pointers

How to choose the best Fairfax DUI lawyer for you? As a Virginia DWI defense lawyer, I know that this is a critical decision, not only when considering the risk to one’s liberty and reputation from a Virginia DUI conviction, but also when taking into account the resulting limits on driving, threat of mandatory minimum jail sentencing if convicted more than once of a DUI offense, and risks to security clearance opportunities, military career, and immigration status. I have successfully defended hundreds of DWI defendants, sometimes obtaining great settlements, and successfully taking hundreds of such cases to trial when not achieving my clients’ negotiation objective. DUI defense represents around thirty percent of my law practice, and 99% of my law practice focuses on criminal defense in general.

How to find Fairfax DUI lawyers to meet with for your case

How to find the best Fairfax DUI lawyer is an art rather than a science, and for many people this will be their first time seeking an attorney. To assist you in that search, visit my free webinar on the topic. Also, here is my free guide on searching for your lawyer. Once your friends and relatives learn about your Virginia DWI arrest, many may recommend attorneys for you. Key components of narrowing down your search for a Fairfax DUI lawyer start with the lawyer’s relevant ability, experience, knowledge, and devotion to such defense.

How quickly can I meet with the Fairfax DUI lawyer who interests me?

Many times, potential clients thank me for meeting with them the same day that they call. I approach your case like a hospital emergency room doctor in determining how to best defend you, which means that usually I can meet with you the same day you call, or else the next business day at the latest. You have questions and issues to address right now with your Virginia DUI defense involving Virginia Code § 18.2-266. You want to recover your administratively seized license right away, and may want to challenge that seizure in court. Those with security clearances want to know what to say to their field security officers (FSO’s) in reporting their Virginia DWI arrest. Military members want to know about the risks that can befall them before even being adjudicated. F-1 visa holders want to know what to do if notified that the mere incidence of their arrest has cancelled their visa.

What should I ask and listen for during my initial consultation with a Fairfax DUI lawyer?

My above-listed free guide and webinar address vital questions for you to ask your potential Fairfax DUI lawyer. I add the importance of considering how the lawyer interacts with you and the questions the lawyer asks you. What genuine interest level does the lawyer show you generally, in your case and defense, and in what you want out of your defense? Does the lawyer deeply listen to what you have to say, and fully pay attention to your entire self? What vibe to you get from this lawyer? Your initial interaction and engagement with your potential Virginia DWI lawyer sets the stage for things to come if you hire the lawyer.

At your initial consultation, has your potential Fairfax DUI lawyer asked you about the unfolding events and story from your case?

Pay attention to how and whether your potential lawyer asks such questions as the location of the incident, the weather, your clothing and footwear, whether the officer offered you the chance to add or remove clothes or to remove or change footwear for field sobriety testing, whether the police officer commanded you to perform field tests or asked you to, whether the police officer inquired as to any physical or medical issues you have, whether the field testing was performed on level or slanted ground, whether debris was present, whether the police officer followed Virginia statutory protocol in advising you about preliminary breath testing, whether you suffer from GERD / acid reflux, whether any blood was drawn with or without a search warrant, and whether the breath technician checked your opened mouth at least twenty minutes before you blew into the breath testing machine (and checked for such foreign substances as chewing gum, chewing tobacc0 / dip, orthodontic devices, tongue rings, or removable tooth grills / veneers, all of which could trap alcohol in the mouth, when deep lung alcohol is supposed to be tested).

Why you should meet with Fairfax DUI lawyer Jon Katz before selecting a Virginia DWI attorney

Fairfax DUI lawyer Jonathan Katz is totally committed to pursuing your best defense in court, where Virginia DUI defense demands extensive understanding and facility with the relevant science, let alone general criminal defense ability. DWI defense comprises nearly one third of Jon Katz’s law practice, and criminal defense covers nearly all of his legal work. Jon has successfully defended hundreds of DWI defendants including successfully taking hundreds of such cases to trial. He is among a limited number of lawyers in the area who has been trained in administering standardized field sobriety testing (SFST’s / FST’s) on people who have consumed alcohol, by one of the nations’ top trainers to police for such testing. He is among the small percentage of Northern Virginia DUI defenders who are members of the National College of DUI defense. Jon has worked with forensic science experts for over one hundred DUI cases and has worked with medical doctors as well for such defense. Most importantly, Jon Katz cares deeply about you, your case, and in how to pursue your best possible defense. Call 703-383-1100 for your free initial in-person confidential consultation with Jon Katz about your court-pending case.