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Ideas on the path to victory

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The trial litigation battlefield is often far from the elegant setting of a Supreme Court oral argument. Here are a few thoughts that I add on the road to trial court victory:

– When you are at zero you are not an impediment to the people you’re trying to persuade or to get help from.

– Once you live at zero, without blockages and barriers, people can see you as pure light to gravitate towards and to benefit from your energy.

– Do not unnecessarily repel the person you are trying to persuade.

– Clearing the fog, the crud, and the blockages, and getting to zero, inspires us and others in every direction, with every thought, and with every move. Crud, fog and blockages clog up our thinking, changing us from clear thinkers to clouded thinkers. Disinfect the crud with light and zero.

– Would you stay in a hotel reeking of mold & mildew, if a sparklingly clean and just as good hotel were across the street at the same price? When you kvetch and brood all day over your personal travails, who will want to accept your arguments or hire out your services?

– Many of my clients feel blockage from the disharmony of their prosecution. They do not want further blockages from any mind crud from me. We see through fog close to our hand but not 3 car lengths ahead, because of the layering of fog. My clients do not need extra fog layers from me nor from anywhere; they need clarity and unclogging.

– It is better to have a default of seeing life as without resistance to your path, thus dwarfing actual resistance in your mind and your efforts.  

– Part of persuasion is disintegrating borders and boundaries in the mind and beyond.

– Watch this great meditation video on transforming appearances of flies into impressions of flower petals.

– "A controlled mind will remain calm and happy no matter what the conditions." Geshe_Kelsang.

– Dr. F. Emelia Sam: "Your Thoughts Create Your World: Patrol Your Mind."

-Alan Watts: "All life is a magnificent illusion, a playing of energy…"

– Optimism does not necessitate superficiality, nor doing anything with Shirley Temple other than changing the channel when she appears.

– A dark take on life may have catapulted Van Gogh’s popularity. At the same time, Matisse transcended his arthritis with paper cutouts.

– You can find bliss w/o ignorance. You can think and investigate critically w/o clouding up your day.

– If you nervously chew your lip when before an audience, will your chewed-up lip be noticed more than your words?

– Why are humans the only species who see scarcity and struggle in life? Remove the perceived barriers and barricades.

– When you are wound up like a tight little stressed ball, people will recoil from you, to avoid harm from a violent recoil.

– Which salesperson attracts you more? One uncluttered with his or her own issues, and totally focused on your words and wishes, or one who feels desperately that making this sale will make the difference between paying rent or eviction?

– You can help those feeling in dire straits without absorbing their straits.

– When you see life as being without borders, people will be drawn to you because they want to see a life without borders.

– People are drawn to those who transcend resistance, as in a freely flowing river, and a high-flying kite as free as the wind.