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Investing In My DUI Defense - Why Bother If I Passed?

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Investing in your Virginia DWI defense- Fairfax criminal lawyer explains why even those convinced of their innocence need to fight like hell for a favorable court outcome.

Investing right in your Virginia DWI defense is not cheap in terms of funding, time, angst and sweat equity. As a Fairfax DUI lawyer, many times I hear DWI defendants incredulous that they got arrested in the first place, convinced that they passed the field sobriety tests ( FSTs / SFSTs ) that by law are supposed to be voluntary to take or not, but which many police officers elicit with commanding words or with a commanding tone of voice or commanding presence. However, each additional piece of data that you provide the police can amount to a piece of data that gets misremembered, misconstrued and mis-analyzed. Those who practice haiku and quiet walks in the woods will benefit from taking a page from such practices when a suspect or arrestee is being investigated for a possible Virginia DWI violation, because the time for them to advocate and investigate for defense is not ordinarily when at the jail nor when at the police station, but after the arrestee leaves the sight of law enforcement officers (LEOs). Let your Virginia criminal or Fairfax DUI lawyer advocate for you. Your job is, as best as possible, to weather the storm when you are a suspect in the presence of police.

I passed the field sobriety tests during my Virginia DWI investigation. Why should I be investing my hard-earned money on a Fairfax DUI lawyer when I am innocent?

As a Fairfax DUI lawyer who has successfully defended hundreds of DWI defendants, I have not yet seen a Virginia DWI defendant whose reporting police officer says they passed FSTs. Why is that? While it is true that I have seen LEOs determine they do not have probable cause to arrest for violating the Virginia DWI law, such situations end up not leading to being charged with DWI in violation of Virginia Code § 18.2-266 versus being charged with no crime or a related crime. Here is a Virginia DUI checklist of items that many police look for in investigating a possible DWI violation. Are you sure you passed all the tests the police set up for you? You may have, at least in the eyes of a person who is sufficiently trained and experienced to administer FSTs and to investigate for a potential Virginia DWI violation. However, most Virginia police officers are generalists, and, therefore, many drop the ball in investigating a potential Virginia DUI offense in the midst of their many other competing obligations. In other words, too many Virginia LEOs never "get it" when it comes to fairly and justly investigating and arresting for suspected Virginia DUI violations, because Virginia DWI investigation involves a lot to learn. Investing wisely in obtaining the right Fairfax DUI lawyer for you and in spending your time preparing as a team with your attorney, puts the power in your hands -- where it belongs -- to pursue your best possible defense in court.

I panicked and did everything the police asked me to do as a Fairfax DUI defendant. Is my goose now cooked?

Your goose is only cooked as a Virginia DWI defendant if you let it be cooked, rather than pulling it out of the pot, picking up the phone, and obtaining the right Fairfax DUI lawyer for you. As my criminal defense trial law teacher Sunwolf made clear years ago, "Reality is no obstacle." That does not mean that accumulated people can make the courthouse levitate by meditating in a circle around the building. It does mean that seeming obstacles are a distraction. You took a risk if you got behind the wheel after consuming beer, wine, liquor, alcohol or other impairing substances. Now is not the time to throw in the towel and to cast your fate to the wind, Now is the time to fight, fight, fight, including obtaining and investing in the right Virginia DWI lawyer for you with plenty of advance notice.

That cop will pay with his job security for messing with me in my Virginia DWI investigation and arrest -- Or will he?

As a Fairfax DUI defendant, you advance your Virginia DWI defense not at all by sabre-rattling threats that you are going to make sure that a particular police officer is not going to be kept by his employer, rather than by investing fully in your Fairfax DUI defense with the help of the right attorney for you. This does not mean to ignore any police misconduct, conduct unbecoming a police officer, or police assault. Consult privately with a qualified lawyer about what you need to know to preserve your right to sue LEO for misbehavior.

Fairfax DUI lawyer Jonathan Katz believes you will thank yourself for investing the time and money to find and hire the right Virginia DUI defense attorney for you. Call 703-383-1100 for your free initial in-person consultation with Jon Katz about your court-pending case.