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Unfortunately, too many public and private schools and colleges impose unnecessarily draconian penalties for student discipline, often for even minor alleged transgressions and often through unfair kangaroo adjudication systems. Students at private academic institutions are not even able to afford themselves of the due process protections of the Constitution.

Student disciplinary actions often move quickly, thus needing quick action for accused students to obtain competent counsel.

Sometimes student disciplinary actions are parallel to pending or potential criminal actions, making it all the more important for the student to obtain competent counsel both to protect the student’s academic standing and also to protect the student’s Fifth Amendment right to remain silent.

Jon Katz has been defending students against disciplinary proceedings for well over a decade. Early on, he defended conservative activist and then-American University student Ben Wetmore when he faced disciplinary action related to his videotaping of Tipper Gore when she spoke on campus. Also in 2002, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education connected Jon Katz with Sami al-Arian when he was suspended as a university professor after coming under fire from Bill O’Reilly. Three years later, Jon faced off against Bill O’Reilly to oppose re-trying Mr. Al-Arian in federal criminal court.