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White Collar Criminal Defense Attorney
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No sector of society is immune from criminal prosecutions. Corporations and professionals often come under investigation for such so-called white collar crimes as antitrust and securities law violations, investment fraud, embezzlement and other employee crimes, tax fraud, federal program fraud (for instance doctors defrauding Medicare and Medicaid), polluting the environment, banking and financial crimes, and computer crimes.

Jon worked in the white collar sector both before, during and after law school. During law school, Jon worked as a law clerk at the nation’s key savings and loan regulator during the crisis in that industry, followed by working as a law clerk and then attorney for a law firm representing financial institutions and transportation clients in regulatory matters and litigation against the federal government and other corporations. Before law school, Jon Katz worked in banking as a financial auditor with Wall Street’s then-named Irving Trust Company handling such projects as reviewing investment activities, reviewing onsite the company’s operations in Japan and Hong Kong, and reviewing for safe and sound banking and accounting practices. Jon also worked in separate summers during college as an assistant at a Chubb Life insurance agency; and as an intern at a major stockbrokerage firm.

Two years out of law school, Jon transitioned to five years as a public defender lawyer serving indigent criminal defendants, because his heart lies in defending the criminally accused and he believes strongly in leveling the litigation playing field for indigent criminal defendants.

Jon believes that corporations, businesses and professionals can and must be socially responsible while working for profits. However, the criminal law over-criminalizes rather than yielding more often to civil rather than criminal litigation efforts to try to resolve alleged white collar trespasses. Jon understands where professionals are coming from when investigated for and accused of crime, has defended against white collar criminal accusations, and will continue doing so.