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Intimidating judges- Fairfax lawyer on not letting them succeed

Intimidating judges act intimidatingly either out of non-intent or intending to push guilty / no contest pleas, to move things along, or to create lack of confidence by a criminal defendant in his or her lawyer. As a Fairfax criminal lawyer, I notify my clients...

Virginia police uniforms are what to beware, not Halloween ghouls

Virginia police uniforms are worn by people who have their own agenda, which does not automatically align with the interests of criminal suspects and defendants. As a Fairfax criminal lawyer, I know how overly simplistic my elementary school principal was being when introducing a police...

Expert testimony in Virginia DUI and criminal trials

Expert testimony is involved in many of my Virginia DUI and criminal trials. As a Fairfax DWI lawyer, I further address here some of the key aspects of the law governing expert testimony in Virginia criminal trials, including when the defense calls a forensic toxicologist...

Motivations for your potential criminal defense lawyer to do such work

What motivates your potential criminal defense lawyer to do the work s/he does? Being a former prosecutor does not answer whether the lawyer has the drive to do criminal defense work, nor does such experience preclude the lawyer from being great in criminal defense. Coming...

Challenges in dealing with fellow criminal defense lawyers

Many times I write about addressing challenges in dealing with clients, judges, juries, prosecutors and witnesses. Another challenge sometimes arises in dealing with fellow criminal defense lawyers, including in the following ways:

Taking the community service task by the horns

My community service recommendations come in the context of my advising my criminal defense clients to complete some tasks or "homework" to assist in negotiating their cases and to assist with any possible sentencing.

When you feel grounded, the ground will feel more level and firm

By now, I already know that even the most sturdily built courthouse has proverbial quicksand traps, booby traps, and areas of flimsiness. Therefore, I have myself to feel grounded before I ever step foot in the courthouse, so that my client also will feel more...