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Talking about Amazon’s pedophile book-gate on today’s radio

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I will be on NYC’s WOR 710-AM’s (710wor.iheart.com) Dr. Joy Browne Show around 2:20-2:40 p.m. today about the law applying to Amazon’s selling a pedophile guide online, unless the program decides to let the story be in the past now that Amazon has pulled the book.

As much as pedophile how-to guides are disgusting, to say the least, the whole story sounds overhyped in the news and broadcast media, perhaps to fill up an otherwise slow news day leading up to and through Veterans Day. However, no news days should be slow; there are always critical news stories to uncover even on federal holidays.

I learned after being invited on the show that Amazon yesterday pulled the book, so wonder if WOR will still wish to proceed with the interview.

The person who invited me on the show told me I will be asked about the law that applies to Amazon’s selling the book. The answer is pretty simple: The First Amendment prevents the government from stopping and penalizing Amazon over selling the book.

In any event, if the interview goes forward, I might feel some nostalgia over the hundreds of times that I watched the radio station’s former sister television station Channel 9 in my childhood, which station was so low budget when I would watch that there was a time that the station would televise Knicks home games in the 1970’s with just one camera.

UPDATE: The archived tape of the interview is here, starting 12 minutes into the tape.