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Trial lawyering without exhaustion and boredom

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I love my work. I serve my clients and justice, I practice the art of persuasion, and I stand up against injustice.

Plenty of my work, also, involves solitary moments preparing, thinking, researching, and writing. I wake for exercise and then work when most people are sleeping, and work beyond the times that my office is open and that clients and others are calling. Those who do not want to work substantial hours, with plenty in solitude, may wish to think twice about being their own bosses. On the other hand, I set my own hours, so long as I get my work done timely.

I have written a few times on blurring the lines between work and play. Today, I focus on ideas for keeping the energy and enthusiasm going in accomplishing high-quality work, and in eliminating boredom, which can challenge those moments of working in solitude.

When work and life are approached as part of a waking meditations, one moment effortlessly flows and unfolds into the next, and the energy abounds

Artificial is the work-play-chore dichotomy. The more one likes one’s work, the more that dichotomy fades.

Each waking hour can be better approached as a meditation or mindful moment by starting the day with sitting meditation, yoga or taijiquan.

By starting & ending the day w/ contemplative practice, mindfulness/contemplativeness is more effortless in all waking & sleeping moments.

We can better blur the lines between work, play and chores by embracing each moment as one precious moment leading into the next moment.

We are more productive and excellent in our work and lives when we see our work as meaningful, and even more so when we see our work as truly helping others.

Each moment comes to us only once, there to be appreciated and embraced, but not held onto. We can depart boredom by recognizing this.

Even in the ugliest of surroundings, our memories and imaginations can summon our favorite experiences, ideas, sights, sounds & smells.

The prospect of boredom challenges us, and can be triggered by being in the presence of certain behaviors by certain people, and our reactions to and perceptions of those behaviors and people.

To complain to another that s/he is contributing to boredom can cause suffering in that person.

True conquering of boredom happens when no boredom sets in when in a bare room or cave for hours on end, with not even a book, phone, nor scrap of paper.

Are humans the only animals who suffer boredom? When we approach life like an ever changing flowing river, how can we get bored?

Essential is a good balance of diet, rest and exercise.

Inject your humanity and humor into everything you do.

The best music helps everything come all the more alive.