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Virginia DUI Attorney – Overcoming the Car Breathalyzer

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As a Virginia DUI lawyer & criminal attorney, I know how inaccurate are the breath testing machines used for checking breath alcohol content (“BAC”) levels in people. The Intox EC/IR II machine used for introducing BAC evidence are fraught with inaccuracy. Preliminary breath test machines are even more inaccurate, as overly simplified machines that are not used along with a twenty minute observation period to reduce testing for mouth alcohol.

Virginia DUI lawyer warns about substantial penalties for DUI convictions

Virginia DUI lawyer - Overcoming the car breathalyzer

Virginia DUI Lawyer – Overcoming the car breathalyzer

Police are resistant to arranging the more accurate blood testing for alcohol, which takes more time and money.

A Virginia DUI conviction requires at least six months of the ignition interlock device while on restricted driving privileges. Virginia DUI suspects need to recognize and consider avoiding substances that might create a positive alcohol reading on breath alcohol testing equipment, and realize that adding imbibed alcoholic beverages adds all the more to what the breath alcohol reading will be.

Beware false positive results on breath alcohol testing machines

Fortunately, as a Virginia DUI attorney/ Fairfax criminal lawyer, I have learned that at least we have science to present to judges and jurors to back up DUI defendants’ claims of substances other than imbibed alcohol causing positive alcohol breath testing machine readings, including:

  • Eating bread can cause positive breath alcohol testing machine readings, due to the yeast therein, which is further addressed in this article.
  • Numerous soaps, and other beauty products contain alcohol and can cause positive breath alcohol testing machine readings.

Moderation with alcohol is critical

Although moderate drinking may not require waiting a full twenty-four hours between drinking alcohol and driving, it is better to over cover risk in this regard.

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