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Virginia guerrilla lawyering against DUI & criminal prosecutions

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Virginia guerrilla criminal defense lawyer

Virginia guerrilla lawyering is about pushing the boundaries for obtaining great results against criminal and DUI prosecutions within the rules of the law

Virginia guerrilla (VG)  lawyering is essential in terms of relentlessly, effectively and skillfully fighting for criminal and DUI defendants until the best possible results are achieved. As a Fairfax criminal lawyer, I draw my ongoing inspiration for VG lawyering from all relevant places, regardless of the source. In that regard, praised be the law firm leaders who claim (at least anonymously) they will stick to their guns in the midst of one large firm’s being threatened by some legislators in their state with prosecution and other adverse consequences for offering to pay for travel and related expenses for its employees who choose to go from states where abortions are banned and criminalized to places where the procedure is permitted by law. Let the example from these ordinarily establishment law firms (even though remaining anonymous before receiving such warning letters themselves) be an inspiration to all Virginia and worldwide criminal defense lawyers to stick to their guns in fighting to the hilt for their clients and for justice.

With the Supreme Court’s having reversed Roe v. Wade, will states be permitted to criminalize birth control and oral sex and other non-procreative sexual activity?

After the Supreme Court’s recent reversal of Roe v. Wade, Virginia’s Republican governor apparently wants to ban (I take it that means criminalizing) most abortions taking place after 15-20 weeks. Although the makeup of the Virginia legislature likely will prevent the governor from achieving such a criminalizing goal, who is to say that he will not get his way when the state’s lawmaker roster changes? Even though the Supreme Court’s majority opinion reversing Roe claims to only address Roe, similar arguments might be made for alleging no Constitutional right to birth control, to engage in oral and anal sex (sodomy) (which prosecutions the Supreme Court expressly permitted when I began law school, only to reverse itself seventeen years later), nor to legally marry as a same sex couple. Suffice it to say that lawyers are a first line of defense against the chipping away at our civil liberties and right to limit criminal prosecutions. (As to abortion, I believe in preserving the Roe v. Wade ruling not because I am fond of abortion (I am not), not because I think that children only sense awareness and pain once they are born (I do not), but because of how I read the Bill of Rights and Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution, and because of the protections that I think those Constitutional provisions place on  freedom of choice limiting government intervention in our most personal of choices.) More than anything, I am a Virginia guerrilla criminal defense lawyer.

When threatened with criminal prosecution, consult with a qualified criminal defense lawyer

Faced with alienating pro choice customers for not providing travel expense assistance to employees in abortion-banning states and pro life customers for doing the opposite, a dizzying array of otherwise large establishment corporations quickly responded to the Roe reversal by announcing the availability of such assistance. Large law firms seemed to lag behind at first in making such pronouncements, but many have since then also offered such assistance. For whatever reason, a group of conservative Texas legislators have taken aim specifically at one large law firm in particular to threaten criminal prosecution and other adverse action for offering their employees such assistance. The very threat of criminal prosecution sometimes can create a chill in businesses and individuals to self-regulate their activities to avoid prosecution. Keep in mind, though, that a prosecution does not always mean a conviction (but does call for setting aside funds for a criminal defense lawyer), and some unjust laws are worth fighting even if that risks a conviction (consider those who risked convictions for peaceful struggles to help slaves escape, and to end segregation at restaurants and other public places). I find that taking the Virginia guerrilla criminal defense lawyer approach is ideal.

My key teachers have characteristics of Virginia guerrilla lawyering

My key teachers in and out of criminal defense have characteristics of Virginia guerrilla lawyering. They include the litigation law partner at my first law firm, teachers at the National Criminal Defense College and Trial Lawyers College, my key martial arts teachers, and my hardcore peace teacher. Winning is the goal, This is about proceeding forward in criminal defense with a combination of tried and true tools, and with blazing new trails as needed. This is not about being a rebel without a cause, but about fully serving the cause of those accused of Virginia DUI and criminal violations. Intolerable is to ever conform at the expense of my client; I am not here to win a popularity contest among colleagues nor the public at large, but to obtain the best possible results for my clients.

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