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Wishing Virginia criminal court victory doesn’t equal strong defense

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Wishing Virginia criminal court victory doesn't equal strong defense

Wishing Virginia criminal court victory is mere incantation, says Fairfax criminal lawyer

Wishing Virginia criminal court victory is useless if not coupled with fighting for the best possible outcome in court. As a Fairfax criminal lawyer, I know that many arrestees are like deer caught in the headlights, stunned at being caught, and frozen about what to do next. What to do next? Fight, fight, fight. And fight like hell, all within the bounds of the law, of course. And make the fight well planned and executed, which necessitates obtaining the right lawyer for you. Do anything less than that, and suffer the higher risk of failure. This does not mean to be limited by conventional thinking and statistics, but to recognize that criminal defense victory does not come from incantations, lucky rabbits feet, nor soothsaying, but from pursuing your defense the old fashioned way, by earning it.

The opposite of wishing for Virginia criminal court victory is seeing the situation realistically and attacking the prosecution from multiple fronts.

My mirror website address is BeatTheProsecution.com, because the goal at every turn for Virginia criminal defendants must not be wishing Virginia criminal court victory, nor to wait and see what next move and response to make, but to be full of venom and adrenaline to obtain victory in court, and if full victory is not reached, then the next best possible outcome is ideal. A colleague whom I respected until he said the following to me, had lunch with me one day, and without warning pontificated: “Isn’t our work all about making money?” No, I replied. Yes, we do not do this work for charity, but to follow this lawyer’s foregoing words is to be blinded to our criminal defense clients’ needs, fears and dreams, and to deter attorneys from fulfilling our ethical obligation to zealously and ably defend our clients. Even from a selfish perspective, how dull and life-limiting would be practicing criminal defense while thinking this is all about making money? That is not how victorious defensive and offensive breakthroughs germinate, take hold and get unleashed to uproot police and prosecutors on the road to victory. Living the foregoing quotation is to pursue a lifeless life.

Break free of being cornered by your prosecution.

As a Virginia criminal or DUI defendant, you might feel cornered. But that is not necessary. Yes, as a criminal defendant you might have a case of the aw sh*ts, but now you have no choice but to turn any of that fecal matter into fertilizer for your defense, rather than merely wishing Virginia court victory. You cannot do it alone, no matter how brilliant you are. You need the right Virginia criminal defense lawyer on your side, not one who talks the talk without walking the walk. Your criminal defense lawyer hopefully pursues the oomph that spells the difference between winning and not. When you meet with your potential Virginia criminal defense lawyers, see how much the lawyer if focused on and interested in you, your case, and your case. See if their eyes genuinely twinkle at the opportunity to serve you and obtain justice for you. Listen to how they speak about their current and past clients, and about whether they value and respect them, versus seeing them as numbers and as any imposition on their workday and daily lives. Find out if your potential Virginia criminal defense lawyer gets as much of a thrill from today’s courtroom victory as his or her first. This is your life, liberty and reputation we are talking about. Why settle for less than a lawyer who will bust his or her butt for you?

Will your Virginia criminal lawyer rise to the occasion or proverbially defecate his or her pants when the dangerously unexpected happens?

Even though James Bond was fiction, his cliffhanger escape from the alligators by running over their backs over to safety, inspires me to rise to the occasion in even the most trying and dangerous court circumstances, where when one escape hatch does not work, then a new one must be found or created and exploited, successfully. With criminal defense, the terrain, weather and mood of those in the courtroom (including judges and jurors) keep shifting. The flow chart and decision-making model needs to keep updating. None of this is about impressing anyone, but about protecting and pursuing liberty and justice for criminal defendants. Merely wishing for Virginia criminal court victory doesn’t cut it. Having a lawyer who thrives in the mess and challenge of the courtroom is what you need, together with working as a team with your lawyer.

Fairfax criminal lawyer Jonathan Katz eats up defending against Virginia DUI and criminal prosecutions, feeling completely at home doing so. His devotion and enthusiasm for your defense are infectious. Find out for yourself by scheduling your free initial in-person confidential consultation with Jon Katz, by calling his staff at 703-383-1100. That will be your critical step in pursuing your best defense.