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07 Dec

Jose Padilla photos

Here are nine photos of how Jose Padilla was treated when still classified as an enemy combatant. In the above photograph, he is being taken to the dentist. The security measures shown in this photo look unnecessary, over-the-top, and just plain wrong, and are among the...

03 Dec

Recap of our marijuana articles

Today's medical marijuana blog entry is one of our many articles and blog entries on marijuana. The others are here: - Presenting the medical marijuana defense. - Marijuana: Of opportunistic cops and misguided smokers. - Drugs and War. -  Only a handful of people receive federally-provided medical marijuana. - Another...

01 Dec

More on child pornography defense

This follows up on my November 27 blog entry on child pornography defense, with more ideas about defending such cases: - On November 30, I updated my original November 27 blog entry with further information about 18 USCS § 3509(m), which became law the middle of this year, which...

30 Nov

Why fly U.S. Air?

On November 22, 2006, six Muslim religious leaders were removed from a U.S. Airways flight -- apparently at the direction of the pilot --  and detained and questioned by federal agents for lengths of time up to five to six hours. A U.S. Airways ticketing agent refused to...