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30 Oct

Overseas legal outsourcing on the rise

More law firms apparently are more often looking overseas to outsource support staff work. The October 27, 2006, New York Times details this trend. A recent trial lawyer listserv posting mentioned one particular company offering such outsourcing: Manthan Services in Bangalore, India.  This outsourcing situation goes to...

29 Oct

When Money Talks in Criminal Court

Unfortunately, we are far away from a society that provides equal access to justice and the courthouses.The criminal defendant with the most money has more lawyers to choose from and to pay. The defendant with money has a wider and more flexible and immediate choice...

26 Oct

“Ghetto” Party by UT Law Students

The news is so over-saturated, that sometimes I miss such important stories as the "ghetto" party hosted and attended earlier this month, off-campus, by some University of Texas law students.Cox News Service reports that photos from the party "showed the students holding 40-ounce bottles in brown paper...

25 Oct

Getting to yes in misdemeanor cases

Getting to yes is negotiating with an eye towards fulfilling some key goals of each party to the negotiations, rather than negotiating on positions. A recent negotiation further illustrated the benefit of this approach. My client was criminally charged with possessing marijuana and marijuana paraphernalia possession. The...

23 Oct

Trial courts: Often rough and tumble

At criminal bench trials, some judges seem more willing to overrule objections that they would sustain were a jury present. Sometimes the judges perhaps feel they are better able than jurors to filter out inadmissible evidence. In Maryland and Virginia, District Court judges know that an...

23 Oct

Rendering praise where praise is due

Sometimes I blog about some of the cases I handle. Critical to that work is our support staff. This month, we welcome my new primary secretary, Aleida, who comes to us with previous legal secretarial experience, criminal defense experience, and a big heart. We also welcome secretarial assistant...

18 Oct

Requiring ID Bracelets for Students

Five years ago, the Washington Post quoted me (correctly) as opposing the District of Columbia government's plan to institute a barcode identification system for youths. Now the wrongheaded idea has seeped up the street to Montgomery County, Maryland's, Montgomery Blair High School, which is just three...