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23 Oct

Trial courts: Often rough and tumble

At criminal bench trials, some judges seem more willing to overrule objections that they would sustain were a jury present. Sometimes the judges perhaps feel they are better able than jurors to filter out inadmissible evidence. In Maryland and Virginia, District Court judges know that an...

18 Oct

Requiring ID Bracelets for Students

Five years ago, the Washington Post quoted me (correctly) as opposing the District of Columbia government's plan to institute a barcode identification system for youths. Now the wrongheaded idea has seeped up the street to Montgomery County, Maryland's, Montgomery Blair High School, which is just three...

29 Sep

George Bush’s Injustice Department

Karen Fletcher allegedly posted disgusting fantasy stories on the Internet about pedophilia, torture of children, and murder of children. The federal prosecutor in Pittsburgh (part of George Bush's Justice Department) obtained a six-count obscenity indictment against Ms. Fletcher, on September 26. For added chill, the...

20 Sep

Know your judge and jury

Criminal defense is about persuasion, strategy, and fighting in the trenches for our clients. This requires knowing our judge and jury, and finding out who they are. For Maryland and Virginia state criminal cases, judges usually are not specially assigned to a case. Depending on the...

13 Sep

Sanctions for refusing a blood alcohol test

It is becoming a distant memory when Maryland law (1) imposed a blanket prohibition against prosecutors' introducing evidence at trial of a drunk driving defendant's refusal to take a blood alcohol test, and (2) did not turn particular blood alcohol levels into per se violations...

31 Aug

Never give up; never give in

Fifteen years after starting my criminal defense career, what keeps the fight, zeal, and steam in me? Some of it comes from those around me, with my kindred spirits on one side, and, on the other side, those who perpetuate unfairness and injustice. Sometimes the inspiration...

13 Jun

Engaging in battle without anger

Some opposing lawyers are so unpleasant that I advise my clients in advance about them, and explain that their expressed anger and irritation and intimidation tactics often are feigned or exaggerated, and, when not feigned, often result from the opponents' fear, with a bunch of...