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Blowing or bleeding- Does a Virginia DUI defendant get to choose?

Blowing into the breathalyzer / Intox EC/IR II machine is distasteful to many Virginia DUI arrestees who know that a blood test can reduce the gross inaccuracies that too often accompany breath testing for blood alcohol concentration (BAC). As a Fairfax DUI lawyer, I repeatedly...

Virginia arrests for DUI during the holidays- Defend yourself

Virginia arrests for alleged DWI violations tend to be at a higher number than usual during holiday time, from the increased merrymaking combined with enhanced police patrol for possible driving under the influence of alcohol. As a Fairfax DUI lawyer who has enjoyed beer, wine...

Virginia criminal charging documents- Must they name a victim?

Virginia criminal charging documents- Fairfax criminal lawyer urges that they name the alleged crime victim Virginia criminal charging documents all too often do not list the name of the alleged crime victim for such proceedings as theft and assault prosecutions. As a Fairfax criminal lawyer,...