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Car contraband risks police searches, warns Fairfax criminal lawyer

Car contraband is at risk of court-okayed police searches, says Fairfax criminal lawyer Car contraband abounds, particularly in the form of illegal drugs and weapons. As a Fairfax criminal lawyer, I warn you that automobiles do not receive the same level of court-covered Fourth Amendment...

Jury trial resumption addressed by Fairfax criminal lawyer

Jury trial resumption is becoming more common says Fairfax criminal lawyer Jury trial resumption (JTR) will be more common as we get farther from the darkest days of Covid-19 and further along with getting more groups of people eligible for coronavirus vaccination. As a Fairfax...

Enhancing Virginia DUI defense prospects with an expert witness

Enhancing Virginia criminal defense prospects with expert witnesses Enhancing prospects for victory against Virginia criminal and DUI prosecutions sometimes comes in the form of turning to expert witnesses for advice and testimony.  As a Fairfax DWI lawyer, I know that the defendant’s enhancement of chances...