Jon Katz’s victories

29 Nov

Victory by video

Photo from website of U.S. District Court (W.D. Mi.).A department store has a jewelry sale. A store loss prevention officer (LPO) sets his sights on a shopper trying on various rings. Based on his suspicions, he detains the customer after she leaves the store,...

11 Jul

Past victories

In criminal defense, victories sometimes can be defined beyond acquittals, for instance by dismissals and inactivations of charges, sometimes through negotiated guilty pleas to minor misdemeanors from major felony charges, and low sentences where high ones were very possible. Some of my past victories are...

24 Nov

DWI Acquittal

Last week, I won a drunk driving case in Virginia District Court. Here are some of the highlights of our victory:- My client's Intoximeter EC/IR (breathalyzer) reading was 0.08.- The prosecutor presented the testimony of the cop, the breath technician, and the Virginia Department...

08 Apr

Rowe to the rescue

Image from National Institute of Standards & Technology.Where I usually practice law in Maryland, a drunk driving defendant with a good driving record and nothing unusual in his or her case is a good candidate for a probation before judgment after any guilty verdict. A...

08 Dec

Winning on framing Club Ah v. Club Blah

Photo from website of U.S. District Court (W.D. Mi.). An essential focus at the Trial Lawyers College is to replace verbal legalese droning at trial with painting word images, telling persuasive stories by re-enacting events, and talking from the first-person perspective of non-lawyers involved in...