Jon Katz’s victories

04 May

Borbon (not bourbon) to the rescue

Image from National Institute of Standards & Technology.When I attended my first National Asssociation of Criminal Defense Lawyers Meeting in 1991 -- about to transition from corporate law to the Maryland Public Defender's Office three months later -- I wondered why so many highly talented...

12 Feb

Winning a DWI trial by suppressing the arrest

Image from National Institute of Standards & Technology. Sometimes criminal defendants win their cases by getting the evidence suppressed. That is how I won a recent DWI case. Where I practice, judges, not juries, decide evidentiary issues over suppressing stops, searches, seizures, arrests  and statements to the...

10 Feb

Winning a DWI on a 0.09 BAC result

Image from National Institute of Standards & Technology.Recently I met with a potential client charged with drunk driving. When I was addressing some of his case defenses with him, he replied: "I am guilty, so why should I be pleading not guilty?" Why, indeed. Because...

06 Oct

A win is a win

A great number of my clients probably have committed the crimes they are charged with committing. A large percentage of my trial acquittals has likely been for people who committed the alleged crimes. Whether my clients have or have not committed the alleged crimes, and...