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Commercial Sex Prosecutions – Virginia Prostitution Lawyer

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Commercial sex prosecutions- Virginia prostitution lawyer

Commercial sex prosecutions- Virginia prostitution lawyer

Commercial sex prosecutions- Virginia criminal lawyer on defending them

Commercial sexual activity thrives in the United States, including adult films and private online shows, live performances, and erotic activity running from massages to penetrative sexual activity. I know this not only as a Virginia criminal lawyer but also as a lawyer who has provided legal services to numerous members of the adult entertainment industry for many years, primarily involving adult films, clubs and Internet.

Fairfax criminal lawyer on the need to consult with a lawyer before engaging in commercial sexual activity

As a Fairfax criminal lawyer, I know that the state of national, state and local civil and criminal law affecting commercial sexual activity make it vital to consult with a qualified lawyer before engaging in such activity. First getting advice — and then ongoing advice as needed — with a qualified lawyer can help reduce the risks of running afoul of the laws covering child pornography, obscenity, prostitution, bawdy place, age of consent, soliciting minors for nudity and other sexual activity/ indecent liberties, zoning and licensing.

Notice that I did not say to consult with a lawyer to learn how to avoid getting caught in running afoul of the law, rather than complying with the law. Clearly, as a Virginia lawyer I cannot help people engage in illegal prostitution (as opposed to the Nevada counties and countries that permit regulated prostitution), but I can talk to them about their First Amendment free expression rights and about their commercial activities and plans to present models for bachelor parties, present live cabaret performances, produce erotic films, and present content on the Internet.

Virginia criminal attorney on the serious criminal and reputational risks from illegal sexual activity

As a Virginia criminal attorney, I know that both consumers and providers of illegal sexual activity risk much in both the criminal and reputational spheres. The demand and supply for such commercial services is vast and will not go away merely by laws, so I will continue to be contacted by people investigated and prosecuted for violating Virginia’s and federal sex laws.

Fairfax criminal attorney on the felony risks for pimping and sexual trafficking

As a Virginia sex crime defense lawyer, I know that providing or consuming adult prostitution services constitutes a Virginia Class 1 misdemeanor risking up to one year in jail. However, pimping and sexual trafficking are felonies, respectively risking up to ten years in prison per count.

Donald Jamar Johnson learned how severe can be the sentencing for pimping and sexual trafficking. He got convicted of both after transporting a prostitute (S.B.) from North Carolina to a Henrico County motel, where she provided commercial for-cash sexual services for several men. At Johnson’s bench trial, S.B. testified to the same and that she provided the customer-paid cash to Johnson. Johnson testified to his innocence, but the judge believed S.B. Johnson was sentenced to seven years active time in prison.Johnson v. Virginia, ___ Va. App. ___ (Jan. 15, 2019).

Virginia criminal lawyer’s support for liberalized sex law does not alter the current law

I support legalizing prostitution and eliminating the First Amendment-violating anti-nudity and anti-obscenity laws. Nonetheless, until those laws are changed, they need to be understood by anyone considering engaging in or consuming commercial sexual services.

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