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Criminal defendants’ friends are not cops nor even progressive prosecutors

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Criminal defendants’ friends are not police nor even so-called progressive prosecutors

Criminal defendants’ friends are their defense lawyers. As a Fairfax criminal lawyer, I know the benefits of the wave of self-styled progressive prosecutors taking office in the four largest Northern Virginia counties in January 2020 — to the extent they actually walk that talk, but some of their holdover assistant prosecutors may not switch their tune so quickly — but also know that prosecutors have their own agendas, elected prosecutors are beholden to their voters, and police are not transformed into progressives merely with the election of proclaimed progressives. Criminal defendants should never be lulled into a false sense of security by smiling, reassuring police who tell them that a lawyer is not needed or not to worry about their court date, nor by chief prosecutors who claim that they care about criminal defendants and not only about-alleged and actual crime victims. The prosecutor-police teams are already in place, and can eat lawyer-less criminal defendants alive.

Criminal defendants’ friends are not judges either

Criminal defendants’ friends are not judges either. Even the most desired of the sitting judges will not always rule favorably for a defendant. Moreover, merely because a judge smiles, seems compassionate and kind, and puts people at ease with gentle humor, does not automatically mean that s/he does not have a proverbial sledgehammer by his or her side. I prefer a scowling judge who rules favorably to my client that the opposite. Civility is a heavy focus for Virginia judges and lawyers, but that does not automatically translate into judges nor prosecutors (both of whom are attorneys) with soft touches. Moreover, plenty of judges are former prosecutors and do not hesitate to use a firm hand with defendants.

Should I save money on a Virginia criminal defense lawyer when expecting not to get hurt too much in court?

The arresting police officer who smiles at you and reassures you that things won’t be so bad in court has an agenda to suit the cop’s purposes, not yours, which includes wanting a conviction and can include preferring an easier time in court by not going up against a well-prepared effective lawyer or no lawyer at all. They are not criminal defendants’ friends. The prosecutor who appears all gracious in the courtroom is not exuding weakness, but instead comfort in familiar surroundings, where a criminal defendant is a fish out of water. The smiling judge similarly is at home in a place that is new to you, the defendant. The smiling defendants without lawyers may not have situations as serious as yours, or may not have an idea of how much damage they may be doing to themselves by not having a lawyer. Consequently, it makes no sense to cut corners about obtaining a fully qualified lawyer, not only about your liberty, but also about such critical collateral matters as security clearance, immigration status, military and other career status, and reputation.

How do I find a fully qualified Fairfax or Virginia criminal lawyer?

Here is my article on finding a fully qualified Virginia criminal lawyer. My free webinar on finding the right lawyers for you — criminal defendants’ friends — is available by registering here. Fairfax criminal lawyer Jonathan Katz has successfully defended thousands of criminal and DUI defendants, and will be delighted to fight for your liberty in court.

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