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Fairfax criminal court – Virginia lawyer on navigating your defense

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Fairfax criminal court – Virginia criminal defense lawyer’s suggestions on navigating your DUI, felony & misdemeanor defense

Fairfax criminal court and all criminal courts can appear to be scary places, but are actually lands of opportunity for the accused. My years of successful Virginia criminal defense lawyer experience have seen the stark contrast between having a qualified criminal lawyer on your side and no lawyer at all, and the difference between having the right lawyer and wrong lawyer for you. This article is not meant to show you how to defend yourself in court, but is food for thought to help you find the right Fairfax and Virginia criminal defense lawyer for you and items you may wish to discuss with your Virginia DUI and criminal defense attorney.

Must I have a lawyer for my Fairfax criminal court arraignment date?

Ordinarily, neither the Fairfax criminal court nor any other Virginia court may require you to have a lawyer at any stage in your Virginia criminal defense. Nonetheless, anyone who represents themselves in a Virginia criminal trial has a fool for a client. If you already hire a lawyer before any arraignment date for which you are scheduled, ask your Virginia criminal attorney if you must still appear at your arraignment. Fairfax is among the many Virginia criminal courts that do not require the defendant to appear at the arraignment date after their lawyer files a timely attorney appearance with the court. Numerous other courts in the commonwealth will still require your appearance.

How do I find the best possible lawyer for my Virginia criminal defense?

My free guide and webinar for finding the right lawyer for your Fairfax criminal court defense and any Virginia DUI (under Virginia Code § 18.2-266), felony and misdemeanor defense are respectively here and here. You can save time looking for a qualified criminal defense lawyer by calling my staff at 703-383-1100 for a free in-person initial confidential consultation.

The courthouse walls and halls have ears- The benefit of courthouse conference rooms

Fairfax criminal court has more meeting rooms than any courthouse I have ever visited, particularly on the third floor for any reason the conference rooms near the General District Courtrooms are full. Unfortunately, many other courthouses in Northern Virginia and beyond have a very limited number of conference rooms, which can involves my finding meeting rooms that need unlocking. Nonetheless, be careful what you say in any  courthouse about your case, unless you are talking alone in a room with your Virginia criminal lawyer. The courthouse walls and halls have ears, in that plenty of witnesses against you and others will repeat to prosecutors and others what you say, and even what they mistakenly think you said.

Should I wait inside the courtroom on my Fairfax District Court Date

Fairfax criminal court dates for those already represented by a Virginia criminal lawyer ordinarily do not require your waiting inside the District Courtroom (versus in the nearby hallway), because the judge and courtroom clerk will know you have a lawyer, and your lawyer can tell you when it is time for you to enter the courtroom. When you have a Virginia criminal attorney whom you trust, you will let him or her help you navigate around the courthouse and with your case.

How should I dress for Virginia criminal court?

Dress respectfully for your date in Fairfax criminal court and in any court. Also, dress down and not flashy. You want to be seen for the human you are, and not for your attire. While keeping the foregoing in mind, also dress comfortably, including your footwear. The courthouse can seem a strange and often unwelcoming place as is, so you can at least offset that by feeling comfortable with your clothing, and of course also with your Virginia criminal lawyer.

Where do I park for Fairfax criminal court?

At least for my clients for Fairfax criminal court dates, they get to park free at my office surface parking lot. We provide them a complimentary parking pass. For those who are not my clients, your parking options include the paid parking garage on Page Avenue west of Chain Bridge Road. Free parking options include Armstrong Street near the Fairfax City Hall.

How do I obtain the best possible result in Virginia criminal court?

You would not expect to win a basketball game against the top professionals, and you should similarly not represent yourself in court. Once you have obtained the right lawyer for you for Fairfax criminal court and other Virginia courts, confer and work closely with your attorney in formulating and executing a plan and strategy for pursuing your best possible outcome in court.

What are my appeal rights if convicted in my Virginia prosecution?

Ideally, you will obtain a result in Fairfax criminal court that will not make you want to appeal. Nonetheless, before your trial date, talk with your Virginia DUI, felony or misdemeanor lawyer about your appeal rights. in the event you are not satisfied with your case outcome.

Fairfax criminal lawyer Jonathan Katz pursues your best defense against Virginia DUI, felony and misdemeanor prosecutions. Choosing the right lawyer for Fairfax criminal court and other Virginia criminal courts can make all the difference for your case outcome. Call Jon Katz’s staff at 703-383-1100 to schedule your free initial in-person confidential consultation about your court-pending case.