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Fairfax Prostitution Allegations Now in Federal Court

Fairfax prostitution allegations now in federal court- Red light photo

Fairfax prostitution allegations now in federal court, addressed by Virginia criminal lawyer who has successfully defended many alleged prostitution consumers (hobbyists) and providers

Fairfax prostitution allegations are in the recent news with an alleged Fairfax-Massachusetts bawdy place / brothel ring (the criminal complaint is here), perhaps raising media attention all the more based on federal authorities' claims of a higher-priced menu of services provided from high-end apartment units allegedly with plenty of security clearance and others with high stakes to lose even if prosecuted -- let alone if convicted -- in this matter. As a Fairfax criminal lawyer, my clients accused of sex-related offenses know I will be fully empathetic to their plights and will not judge them. I have successfully defended many alleged commercial sex providers and their alleged consumers / hobbyists / johns. My prostitution clients know I want prostitution legalized as a civil liberties freedom of choice matter. In that regard, I served for three years as a board member of the area's Helping Individual Prostitutes Survive (HIPS), which focuses on the welfare of and harm reduction for local sex workers. Furthering my strong belief in freedom of mutually consensual commercial and non-commercial sexual activity among consenting adults (I know that sex workers run from those doing it out of force and coercion, out of limited income choices, and out of finding it to provide a desirable income), I am the founding president of the nation's tri-state capital area chapter (no longer operating) of the long-operating Free Speech Coalition, which is a major adult entertainment industry trade association. I have litigated many adult entertainment cases on both the criminal and free expression end.

Is it worth the risk for me to illegally seek paid sexual services?

As a Fairfax criminal lawyer, I cannot greenlight anyone to engage in criminal or other illegal activity. I can certainly say that plenty of my Virginia prostitution defense clients regret their actions and are deeply concerned about how a prostitution prosecution alone -- let alone a conviction -- might harm their marriages, security clearances, reputations, livelihoods and immigration status. Those reading this Fairfax prostitution ring article who are considering going down that path may wish to ponder on what this paragraph says. If you have a security clearance or are in another sensitive career area, you may wish all the more to double-check the possible adverse implications even to lawfully engage the services of a sex worker in the state with a few counties permitting such activity. Seeking such services overseas risks federal prosecution if it turns out the provider was a minor.

How do I prevent my prostitution-paying activity from becoming worse?

Hobbyists / customers of the alleged Fairfax-Massachusetts prostitution ring have reason to be concerned about what fallout they may face from this Fairfax prostitution matter. The allegations in this case is that the real names were obtained from such customers and that a menu of sexual services was provided to select from. Yes, a mere prosecution can risk your marriage or other romantic relationship and your job. Beware of making the matter worse by doing anything other than asserting your Fifth Amendment Constitutional right to remain silent with police / law enforcement officers (LEO) and your Sixth Amendment Constitutional right to a lawyer.

How much risk am I at for being prosecuted and convicted in this federal Fairfax prostitution prosecution?

The federal authorities claim their investigation in this matter is ongoing in this Fairfax prostitution matter. If you were a customer of this alleged Fairfax-Massachusetts prostitution ring, your risk of prosecution and conviction would seem to increase if you used the alleged ring's services more than once and if you waive your right to remain silent with the police. You cannot change your past behavior, but can make sure you know your right to remain silent with police and to obtain a lawyer. It is one thing for you to be charged with a crime, but another thing for the prosecutor to be able to prove guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. For a prosecution on the Virginia state level -- rather than federal level -- a prostitution conviction requires proof beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant (1) offered or gave money or something else of value for (2) prohibited masturbatory or penile or oral penetrative sexual activity and (3) took a substantial step forward for such sexual activity. Virginia Code § 18.2-346 So long as you do not become a witness against yourself by telling police nor anyone else about such activity, then that narrows down the possibility of a conviction to whether the alleged provider testifies against you, and if the provider is being prosecuted, then she will not likely be doing any testifying without a plea deal. On top of that is the question of whether the provider will even be able to remember and identify you, but the apparently meticulous record-obtaining activity of the alleged ring may help prosecutors in that regard.

Should I consult with a lawyer if a customer of this alleged ring? What else can I do?

Consulting with a qualified lawyer can give you not only peace of mind about your exposure levels or not in this Fairfax prostitution matter, but also can enable you to engage a lawyer all the more quickly in the event that law enforcement does contact you or if you do get prosecuted. On top of that, in case you do get prosecuted, it does not hurt to now obtain an HIV test to help mitigate your situation by showing that with being negative HIV, you were not spreading that virus. I am also able to suggest an inexpensive and short online John school webinar to attend. In addition, you can engage in voluntary community service to help with such mitigation, but may also wait first to see if there is a prosecution against you.

If I am prosecuted for being an alleged customer of this alleged Fairfax prostitution ring, will I be prosecuted in state or federal court?

Make sure that your potential lawyer for this matter will be fully capable of defending you whether in state or federal court. I have been defending in both court levels for decades. Whereas Fairfax has had prostitution stings under the prior prosecutorial administration, I have not been aware of any under the current self-styled progressive chief prosecutor. His view on prosecuting alleged customers from this alleged Fairfax prostitution ring is unknown to me. The closest federal courthouse in Virginia is only a few miles away, so remains a possible location for any such prosecutions.

How do I find the right prostitution defense lawyer for me? What level of confidentiality should I demand from the lawyers and law firms I contact?

I am delighted to consult with and defend those concerned about possible prostitution prosecutions (and other criminal prosecutions), whether involving this alleged Fairfax prostitution ring or otherwise. My two legal assistants are fully professional, empathetic, and sensitive about the plight of prostitution suspects and defendants and all people accused of and prosecuted for alleged criminal activity. Please tell us whether we should only email or text you and whether we should not call you; all of the foregoing communication activities will leave a paper trail. When you meet with me at my office, we will meet in an office from which others in my suite will not hear. Most importantly, you want sound and on-the-money advice and full and helpful answers to your questions. You will get all of that from me. (Consulting with me about a matter that is not currently being prosecuted in court is billed by me; we can conveniently provide you with an online payment link for such a consultation.)

Should I freak out if I was a customer of this alleged ring?

What is past is past. You now can only work to minimize any possible fallout if you were a customer of this alleged Fairfax prostitution ring. Meeting with a qualified lawyer may provide you peace of mind. Meeting with a qualified psychologist, licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) or other appropriate mental health counselor may help. (Make sure that they will keep your business in strict confidence.) Avoiding any further criminal activity is clearly a plus. If you need help in ending any habit of frequenting sex providers, you may wish to consider mental health counseling and such organizations as Sexaholics Anonymous (SA) and Sex Addicts Anonymous (SAA).

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