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Fairfax relentless criminal defense lawyer remains needed

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Fairfax relentless criminal defense lawyer remains needed

Fairfax relentless defense is what you need in your criminal lawyer in this and all Virginia counties

Fairfax relentless criminal defense needs to be your watchword when you are prosecuted in this and all other parts of Virginia. As a Fairfax criminal lawyer, I know that, in general, negotiating Fairfax criminal cases is often more favorable with the current prosecutorial administration than the previous two decades-long commonwealth’s attorney regimes. However, if you do not have a lawyer, the prosecutor in Fairfax General District Court may not even negotiate with you. If you have a lawyer who is unprepared for trial or otherwise reveals substantial weaknesses, the prosecutor still will have less incentive to agree on a favorable settlement. Finally, sometimes settling your case — or at least agreeing to the last plea offer — makes less sense than going to trial. You need your Fairfax criminal lawyer to be sufficiently skilled and experienced to be able to win your trial.

Fairfax relentless defense needs to continue no matter who wins the commonwealth’s attorney’s election

Fairfax relentless defense is needed regardless of who wins this year’s general commonwealth’s attorney’s race, which was probably effectively decided when the current chief Fairfax prosecutor won the recent primary vote. As a Fairfax criminal lawyer, I know that this county’s lineup of prosecutors runs from  those who are very experienced to having very limited experience to those in between. Yes, I generally want a less experienced prosecutor for trial, except that more experienced prosecutors may be better at identifying and disclosing Brady / exculpatory evidence, and in a timely manner at that. For settlement / plea negotiations, sometimes a more experienced or senior Virginia prosecutor is better, because they may feel that their decisionmaking for settlement negotiations will be subject to less frequent and intense questioning by their superiors, than with less experienced prosecutors.

How do judges view the current set of Fairfax assistant commonwealth attorneys?

During the predecessor Fairfax prosecutorial regimes, judges generally knew that a law and order mentality was more prevalent then than with the current chief prosecutor’s claim of more progressiveness. Virginia judges should treat each prosecutor and case on its individual aspects and merits, and should not be quick to reject a mutually agreed plea deal, including any agreement on sentencing. Nonetheless, judges are obligated to accept a plea of guilty or no contest, but have no obligation to accept a jointly-recommended sentence, and have a statutory obligation to hear what a crime victim has to say about sentencing. Because Fairfax judges — and all other Virginia judges, for that matter — do not automatically accept jointly-recommended sentences, that is another reason for you to assure that you have a Fairfax relentless criminal defense.

How do I find a qualified Virginia criminal defense lawyer?

Start at my article and video here for finding a lawyer who will provide an effective Fairfax relentless defense for you. That is the only path I know as a Fairfax criminal lawyer. Call 703-383-1100 for your free in-person confidential consultation with attorney Jonathan Katz about your court-pending case.