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Fighting like hell is essential to pursuing Virginia criminal defense justice

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Fighting like hell is what Virginia criminal defense is all about

Fighting like hell is the essential approach for Virginia criminal and DUI defendants. As a Fairfax criminal and DWI lawyer, I know that if you are a criminal defendant, your back is to the wall unless you battle your way out along with a qualified lawyer. By conceiving of your plight in this way, falling at the wayside are complaints about the law, governing procedure, and your draw of a judge and a prosecutor. You simply fight on the battlefield you are on unless you can switch the fighting landscape. This concept is akin to the Kill Bill scene where Beatrix Kiddo breaks out of a coffin after being buried alive and left for dead. This feat required focus and no huffing in anger, lest precious oxygen and consciousness be lost in the process.

Fighting like hell in Virginia criminal court is an essential game changer

Fighting like hell in Virginia criminal court is an essential game changer for a criminal and DUI defendant’s mindset and approach to defending himself or herself. Out the window goes any concern about impressing anyone in the courtroom, because all that matters is winning, and winning as big as possible, within the bounds of the governing law. Yes, the fight must be smart and with essential planning, strategy and execution, but the courtroom fight is not about any window dressing rather than pursuing whatever it takes to get as much justice as possible in court. That is also what needs to guide a criminal defendant’s choice of lawyer, rather than pleasing friends or relatives by going with their favorite lawyer, nor pleasing one’s romantic partner by not digging any further in the bank account to hire a lawyer than necessary to have just any old lawyer by the defendant’s side. One would not hire an optometrist to perform open heart surgery, and a criminal defendant needs a lawyer who fully knows and internalizes the criminal defense ropes.

Why should I take my criminal defense so seriously if people in the courtroom appear so nice and laid back?

Looks can be deceiving. A prosecutor or cop wearing a smile are still a prosecutor and cop. A gracious-acting judge is still a judge. They have their own agendas, which are not your agenda. Working with a qualified lawyer fighting like hell for ou cuts through any illusion of a pussycat of a judge, prosecutor or police officer. Even a pussycat has claws, hunger and thirst. Being humans, they do not want to lose face. They can be motivated to save face rather than vindictive for payback when they lose face. The qualified criminal defense lawyer meets all of these people where they are in the courthouse battlefield, and are fighting like hell, tooth and nail, for you.

Is every lawyer made for Virginia criminal trial defense?

Not every lawyer is made for criminal trial defense or fighting like hell in court. Some are better suited for such non-confrontational work as will drafting, real estate permit applications, and stock prospecti. In an ideal world, those unsuited for criminal defense will stay out of criminal courtrooms. In the real world, criminal defendants need to thoroughly probe the lawyer they are considering hiring, and to consider their chosen lawyer as their teammate for the long haul in the case.

Fairfax criminal lawyer Jonathan Katz knows your plight in against Virginia DUI, misdemeanor and felony prosecutions is an essential fight. We usually can schedule you to meet with Jon Katz in no more than one business day after you call, if not the same day. Call 703-383-1100 for a free in-person consultation with Jon about your court-pending case.