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Pursuing breakthrough criminal defense- Fairfax criminal lawyer comments

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Pursuing breakthrough criminal defense is an entire approach to obtaining as much victory as possible

Pursuing breakthrough criminal defense involves constantly finding and envisioning the possibilities for victory, rather than dwelling on hurdles and drawbacks in the case, and challenging human dynamics involving the judge, jury, prosecutor, police and civilian witnesses. As a Fairfax criminal lawyer, I know the privilege of blazing the trail for justice for my clients, while remaining aware of both the gold and warts along the path.

How open and honest should I be with my Virginia criminal defense lawyer?

Pursuing breakthrough victory in Virginia criminal court takes teamwork between you and your lawyer. You and your lawyer are free to ask each other tough questions and to ask for much from each other. This is supposed to enhance your teamwork and not to detract from it. If your lawyer is doing anything in court that appears to be too risky, unorthodox, or discomforting, feel free to ask your lawyer about that. A good lawyer will welcome and fully answer all such questions.

How do I help my Virginia criminal lawyer obtain victory for me in court?

You help your Virginia criminal lawyer in pursuing breakthrough criminal defense for you in court by keeping faith in your lawyer, staying the course for your teamwork, and keeping your cool in the courtroom. Many unexpected things can happen in the courtroom. I ordinarily work with my clients to keep their rolls simple while I deal with many complex issues, sometimes a mountain of evidence, and often challenging judges, prosecutors and opposing police witnesses

What are the secrets to pursuing breakthrough defense in Virginia criminal court?

No secrets exist for pursuing breakthrough defense in Virginia criminal court. Yes, some of the greatest breakthroughs that we share at criminal defense lawyers’ and people’s lawyers’ gatherings are not commonly shared with prosecutors and others going to court against us. However, they are less secrets than techniques and tapping into our inner magic to unleash a controlled tidal wave of success for the defense. The key approach to success in criminal court is thorough preparation, a heavy focus on boundary-breaking persuasion, a mastery of the evidence, and a mastery of the relevant governing law.

How important is deep and sensitive listening for a Virginia criminal defense lawyer?

Many subtleties are happening all at once in Virginia criminal courtrooms. Listening and looking for those subtleties through deep listening and sensitivity for what is going on with the judge, jurors and opposing witnesses can be critical for pursuing breakthrough criminal defense. For that reason alone, it is important for a criminal defendant to reduce making unnecessary distractions for his or her lawyer during trial, and (for me, at least) to favor communicating with the lawyer during trial through writing one short idea per piece of paper to the defense lawyer, rather than constantly talking orally with one’s lawyer when the attorney is carefully listening to the action at hand.

If I prepare for criminal defense settlement negotiations and/or sentencing, am I throwing in the towel?

The reality of Virginia criminal defense is that plenty of criminal defendants committed at least one of the crimes with which s/he is charged, and that plenty will get convicted if they go to trial. A criminal defendant is still free to proceed to trial — and the towel has not been thrown — when the defendant follows his or her lawyer’s recommendations to engage in self improvement geared to assist with settlement negotiations and any sentencing. This is all about over covering risk, showing the defendant is a good candidate for following any probation conditions, and showing that the defendant has already self rehabilitated to the point that the defendant standing before the judge at any sentencing hearing is much different than the person who committed the alleged crime(s).

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