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Self improvement links and steps for your Virginia criminal & DUI defense

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Self improvement can make a difference in your Virginia criminal or DUI case

Self-improvement (SI) / rehabilitation — what I sometimes also call homework — can sometimes help criminal defendants with case negotiations with the prosecutor, and with any case sentencing in the event of a conviction. As a Fairfax criminal lawyer, I know it is ideal for criminal defendants to talk with their lawyer about the best self-improvement options to pursue. Following are important links for such self-improvement (and here are purely online options) in fighting against prosecutions for alleged Virginia DUI, drug, and theft.

Some key self improvement links

Here are some key self improvement links:

Alcoholics Anonymous / Narcotics Anonymous-type meetings

Attending self help meetings similar to AA self help meetings can be helpful for Virginia DUI and drug defense.

Discuss SI with your lawyer

Self improvement needs to be tailored to your unique Virginia criminal or DUI case defense. Talk with your lawyer about your best approach for SI.

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