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Teamwork with your lawyer is essential – Fairfax criminal lawyer

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Teamwork with your lawyer is essential - Fairfax criminal lawyer

Teamwork is vital to a winning defense, says Fairfax criminal attorney

Teamwork is constant among the mix of police officers and prosecutors. Likewise, as a Fairfax criminal lawyer, I know that teamwork between a lawyer and his or her client can spell the difference between winning and losing in court. While I have the relevant legal knowledge and experience, my client has intelligence from the incident scene and is the one who makes informed decisions on the advice I provide.

Fairfax DUI lawyer says taking proactive steps is essential, and not an admission of guilt

The penalties for a Virginia DWI conviction and other convictions can be draconian. I routinely advise my clients on proactive/homework teamwork steps for them to take to assist us with case preparation, case negotiations — which sometimes result in dismissals and amendments to less serious criminal charges — and with any sentencing. My goal is for me and my criminal defense client to overcover risk in my own preparation for all stages of fighting for the best possible case outcome, and in my client’s taking proactive steps moving forward.

Fairfax criminal lawyer on making case preparation part of the defendant’s weekly teamwork routine

Our lives involve enough time demands as is before adding case preparation to the defendant’s teamwork mix, but the earlier the accused incorporates this into his routine, the better. For DUI cases, for instance, I advise my clients who submitted to post-arrest breath alcohol testing to provide me three early mouth temperature samples, because the Intox EC/IR II assumes a mouth temperature of 34 degrees Celsius, whereas higher mouth temperatures lead to falsely high BAC scores. I also ask my clients to remember such important items as whether the police officer asked versus commanded for them to do field sobriety tests, and whether the breath technician had them open their mouth at least twenty minutes before blowing into the breath testing machines.

Once arrested, your fight has just begun. Teamwork with your criminal defense lawyer is essential. 

This is part two of a two-part article on preparing one’s DUI and criminal defense. Part one is here

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