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Online Self-Improvement Options from Fairfax Criminal Defense Lawyer

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Online options for self-improvement and community service, presented by Fairfax criminal lawyer

Online options for self-improvement / self-rehabilitation are numerous while people practice physical distancing during the Covid-19 pandemic. As a Fairfax criminal defense lawyer, I previously listed numerous self improvement options on my website, and here modify that list to only include, and to add, online options. Self-improvement /  rehabilitation — what I sometimes also call homework — can sometimes help criminal defendants with case negotiations with the prosecutor, and with any case sentencing in the event of a conviction. It is ideal for a criminal defendant in Virginia and beyond to talk with his or her lawyer about the best self-improvement options to pursue, or not.

Check out this list of online self-rehabilitation options for criminal cases:

Online self-improvement options for drug, and DUI and alcohol (including public intoxication and underage drinking) cases include following, It is important to verify in advance that sufficient, timely and accurate documentation will be provided to the criminal defendant of his or her participation with such efforts: Online meetings similar to meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Marijuana Anonymous (StepChat.com and SmartRecovery.org ); Alcohol and drug classes (https://www.logancourtclasses.com ); Underage drinking (OffenderSolutions.org); Driver improvement and aggressive driving for DWI and reckless driving cases (www.dmv.virginia.gov/drivers/#clinics.asp).

Online self-rehabilitation for additional criminal cases include: Shoplifting and other theft cases (OffenderSolutions.org); Anger Management for assault cases (OffenderSolutions.org); Prostitution, solicitation and bawdy place (www.loganinstitute.com).

Online community service / volunteer work opportunities for Virginia criminal cases  are available online. Beware fraudulent and mislabeled online options that take payment, for instance to read articles on the claim that this makes the participant a better member of society. Online community service options include: The Virginia Making History transcribing project; (UPDATE: In early September 2022, the latter project may have had no further opportunities; additional transcribing projects appear available at fromthepage.com. Make sure that you will get documentation of the time you work on such projects.). Also, you might wish to check out transcribing opportunities through the Smithsonian, National Archives and Library of Congress.

Society for the Blind apparently sometimes has audio recording and additional volunteer options

Additional distance self-improvement opportunities for criminal cases

Online community service options for Virginia criminal court cases might also be available via online tutoring of students with their school subjects, and their studies in computer programming and technology. Literacy groups might also have online volunteer work options. Online language teaching may be available through various organizations, to help those improving their English as a second language. Opportunities may also exist to teach people other languages. Perhaps opportunities also exist for preparing learning videos and learning programs on YouTube and elsewhere.

Here are some additional possible community service options for those with technical expertise: Information technology experts may find organizations that would love their help from a distance with creating and upgrading their websites and troubleshooting their computer technology issues. Those with video editing skills might be in demand for assisting non-profit organizations with creating and editing learning videos. Those with accounting and bookkeeping skills can assist non-profit organizations from a distance.

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