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Liquor Risks Beyond DUI Alone

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Liquor risks beyond DUI alone - Virginia criminal lawyer

Liquor risks beyond DUI alone – Virginia criminal lawyer

Liquor can cause a variety of Virginia criminal law risks

Liquor (alcohol, beer and wine) use in Virginia calls for knowing the relevant criminal laws applying to alcohol. As a Virginia DUI and criminal lawyer, I know that police remain on alert for suspected alcohol law violators.

Virginia’s criminalized alcohol laws from DUI to public intoxication

Being on the criminal defense side, I do not want to be a killjoy rather than providing food for thought on legally enjoying liquor without incurring the headache and worse from an alcohol-related prosecution. In that regard, I recommend over covering risk by not driving within twenty-four hours of consuming alcohol (no exceptions, not even for tasting wine at a vineyard) (Uber and Lyft abounds), and being careful about being charged with public intoxication (even in a bar), because the Virginia law’s definition of intoxication is certainly a nonsensical watered-down meaning that has been approved by the  Virginia Supreme Court.

Virginia DUI lawyer’s list of some common liquor-related criminal laws

Here is a list of some common liquor-related criminal laws:-

  • DUI with mandatory minimum jail for repeat offenses, elevated blood alcohol level, and driving with children on board.
  • So-called “baby DUI” for being under 21 years old and operating a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol content of 0.02 or higher.
  • Criminal and civil refusal by DUI suspects arrested on probable cause to submit to breath and blood alcohol testing.
  • Public intoxication.
  • Underage possession of alcohol. (Among the defenses I consider here is challenging whether the prosecutor can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that any alcohol was consumed in Virginia versus a neighboring state, when no liquor is found by police).
  • Possessing a false identification for obtaining liquor (which is a non-jailable class 3 misdemeanor, but which carries not only a fine but also one to twelve months of revoked driving).
  • Selling alcohol to minors.
  • Possessing an unsealed container or cup/glass of liquor while driving, and consuming alcohol while driving.

Liquor can be enjoyed without Virginia’s alcohol laws putting a damper on the situation

While Virginia does have strict criminal laws involving liquor , and while alcohol can bring out the worst in some people, these beverages can be thoroughly enjoyed by drinking responsibly and being mindful of Virginia’s DUI and other alcohol laws. I’ll drink to that.

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