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Covid19 arrests & prosecutions addressed by Fairfax criminal lawyer

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Covid19 arrests & prosecutions addressed by Fairfax criminal lawyer- Covid-19 molecular image

Covid19 arrests & prosecutions addressed by Fairfax criminal lawyer

Covid19 distancing & stay-at-home changes dynamic of dealing with police and courts says Fairfax criminal defense lawyer

Covid19 has for the time being changed the criminal justice landscape. As a Fairfax criminal lawyer, I know this means that the courts are delaying trial dates, some prosecutors are working more than others to consent to defense lawyer demands to reduce jail populations, and domestic assault prosecutions and protective order petitions likely will increase.

Virginia DWI arrests will be fewer during the governor’s Covid19 stay at home order but police will still be on the lookout for DUI suspects

As more people remain at home during Covid19, fewer people will be out and about to commit such street crimes as DUI, theft, and burglary. The Fairfax and other Virginia police forces can be expected to shift their attention to where the alleged crimes are being committed As more people consume quarantinis and other alcoholic beverages while dealing with being shut inside their homes, they need to remember to stay away from driving for at least 24 hours after consuming liquor.  Also beware Virginia’s public intoxication/ drunk in public law that gets a conviction for nothing more than proof beyond a reasonable doubt of being in public after having consumed enough alcohol to affect one’s behavior and /or appearance.

Assault can result from excess alcohol consumption and from being cooped closely together for days on end

Excess liquor consumption and close living quarters during Covid19 do not mix, nor does getting drunk when a handgun or other firearm or weapon is nearby. Being drunk can make one more violent, especially if already frustrated or angry over the social and economic strangleholds of the stay at home orders in Virginia and beyond. Family members can irritate each other by being in close proximity throughout the day, every day. Consequently, beware consuming more alcohol than will provide enjoyment and relaxation. When feeling inclined to punch, walk away physically and / or psychologically.

Illegal drug sales and use might increase during the pandemic

Some people’s proverbial quarantini during Covid19 is marijuana (for recreation and medicine) or other illegal drugs. That demand calls for a supply, thereby keeping drug dealing active. Local and federal police and narcs constantly setup drug stings and pursue possible and actual drug crimes.

Underlining the coronavirus in seeking no arrest

When police become aware of a possible criminal law violation, they have choices running the gamut from taking no action, making brief inquiry, inquiring further, giving a warning, issuing a summons to come to court, and arresting. Police miss social distancing entirely during Covid19 when they effectuate an arrest. If police are ready to charge you with a crime or say you are under arrest, you can ask if a summons might be considered to help protect the health of the police, you and the jail population.

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