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COVID-19 court schedules- Our Fairfax criminal law firm stays open

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COVID-19 court schedules- Our Fairfax criminal law firm stays open- Courthouse photo

COVID-19 court schedules- Our Fairfax criminal law firm stays open

COVID-19 leads some courts to curtail activities, while our Fairfax criminal law firm remains open for full business hours

COVID-19 / coronavirus continues to spur mobilization to test for, reverse and end the virus; claim lives; spread rapidly; and lead to substantial changes and disruptions in daily life. As a Fairfax criminal lawyer, I am keeping my law firm open for regular business hours for now and moving forward. I have criminal court every day this week despite some courts curtailing their activities for today and/or into this week as they monitor the coronavirus situation. Although only updated through March 14, 2020, at present, the Office of Executive Secretary of the Virginia court system has a statewide summary of each county’s court COVID-19-related scheduling changes here.

Our law firm remains open while many surrounding businesses and organizations curtail activities

Businesses and organizations have decided whether to continue their usual activities, curtail activities, expand telework or close during this COVID-19 crisis. My firm remains fully open. I understand the arguments in favor of staying home at this time, but I have clients to serve and will continue my usual work routine.

Virginia governor’s ban on gatherings over 100 does not apply to courts nor businesses

On March 15, 2020, due to COVID-19, Virginia’s governor announced a limited ban on gatherings over 100 people, saying the “ban will not affect the operations of businesses across the state and will only extend to events outside of normal daily life such as parades, festivals or events.” I wish for the judges who decided to curtail Fairfax courthouse activities for March 16, 2020, keep that limiting language in mind.

Recognizing the severe and crisis proportions of COVID-19

The ongoing death and health toll from the coronavirus is deeply saddening and disturbing. Words by themselves are insufficient for me to convey my empathy and concern for those who have gotten stricken with COVID-19 and my sympathy for those who have died from it.

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