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Pursuing breakthrough criminal defense- Fairfax criminal lawyer comments

Pursuing breakthrough criminal defense involves constantly finding and envisioning the possibilities for victory, rather than dwelling on hurdles and drawbacks in the case, and challenging human dynamics from the judge, jury, prosecutor, police and civilian witnesses. As a Fairfax criminal lawyer, I know the privilege...

Gerry Spence Wins Trials by Embracing & Revealing His Entire Self

Great lawyer Gerry Spence wins trials by embracing and revealing his entire self, warts, fears, vision, astounding ability, oration, and all. For the entire month of August 1995, I was in Wyoming at the then one-year-old Trial Lawyers College, at Gerry's beautiful Wyoming Thunderhead ranch ten...

Negotiating with a guarantee rather than with amorphous ideas

Once the prosecutor makes a settlement offer, that offer becomes seared in the prosecutor's mind. Sometimes it is better for the defendant to make the first settlement offer, in an effort to sear the defendant's settlement offer in the prosecutor's mind.