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Listening closely to defendants is essential says Fairfax DUI lawyer

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Listening closely to defendants is essential says Fairfax DUI lawyer- Image of a human ear

Listening closely and deeply to defendants is essential for attorneys to do, says Fairfax DUI lawyer

Listening closely and deeply by attorneys to Virginia DWI and criminal defendants is essential. As a Fairfax DUI lawyer, I know how important it is for me from the outset to fully engage with my clients, for fully and deeply listen to them, and to ask the right questions of them and me for us to envision and discovery the counterstory to the police and prosecutorial claims, in pursing their best possible defense. When you as a defendant meet with a potential Virginia DUI lawyer, see how much that attorney treats you, your case, and your cause as so important and unique as to hear your side of what happened, and not merely to talk in a vacuum about how to dismantle the prosecution’s case. Granted, the best Virginia DUI and criminal defense lawyers often want  themselves and the defendants to read the police reports and see the incident videos before the accused tells the whole story, in order to minimize guessing and prevarication from the defendant. (Unfortunately, defendants exist who do not honor the truth enough, seeing that this is the case with the general population, including too many police officers.) However, some essential pieces of information are not going to be fibbed about by a Virginia DUI defendant, including such essential information as the type of footwear they had on (worn down soles can lead to slipping on the ground; high-heeled shoes and boots are not the right footwear for standing on one leg nor walking a line), the clothing they wore (for instance tight pants, which make it hard to walk; or being underdressed); what the weather was like; what the terrain and traffic was like; how they were feeling (for instance, tired, sick or scared); whether the police officer asked if English is their first language and whether they needed a language interpreter; and how was their physical health and whether the police officer asked if they had any physical or health impairments that could adversely affect how the defendant moved and performed on the field sobriety tests. If your potential or hired Virginia DUI lawyer does not ask you such questions, your liberty and reputation are important enough for you to ask yourself why, and even to ask that to the attorney you are visiting.

To be sufficiently listening to you as a defendant, your Virginia DUI lawyer needs to clear the distractions

We Virginia DWI and criminal lawyers have very busy days in court followed by preparing for future court dates and helping current clients. As a Fairfax DUI lawyer, I eat up this work lifestyle, because I know how much my work helps my clients, because I know I am on the side of the angels, and because I see the positive results in court by taking the bull by the horns in defending every client. I tend to like my clients very much, and want to hear what they have to say. Beneficially listening of course is an important two way street, because Virginia DUI defendants also need to learn essential information, ideas and insights from their lawyer. Ideally, such conversations will be in the spirit of teamwork, which includes having the lawyer advise and the defendant deciding. I clear the distractions and focus on my Virginia DUI clients when we meet. Clearing my mind of clutter is essential in pursuing the best defense for my clients.

When a Virginia DUI lawyer opens his ears to police, other witnesses, and prosecutors, magic can result

When I was an intern at a startup company one college summer, I was amazed when chiefs of major multimillion dollar projects would pick up the phone and talk with me on the spot. One of the analysts at my company aptly explained that these people I was calling love talking about their pet projects, but often find their spouses and friends are disinterested. How many police officers and prosecutors are the same, just thirsting to be listened to actively and with interest? Consequently, when I want to obtain intelligence from a police officer, other prosecution witness, prosecution or anyone else, I ordinarily do so not confrontationally, but with a deeply listening ear that is ready to even hear ugly opinions in order to separate out the gold from any feces coming from their tongues.

DUI defendants- Help your Virginia DUI lawyers fully perceive and understand what happened at the scene and at the police stations

Is your Virginia DUI lawyer still listening closely to you even on your fifth or subsequent conversation together? S/he needs to. The police report and incident video only tell part of the story, and the law enforcement reports are not always accurate and sometimes far from accurate (starting, only as a for instance) the many times that a police report for a Virginia DWI case claims slurred speech by the defendant, when the audio shows the complete opposite). The video and audio does not show what happened before the recording started, nor after the recording stopped, paused, or no longer played audio. The video does not show a full panorama of what was happening. The video does not show whether the Virginia DUI suspect was stumbling because of a soccer injury earlier in the day rather than from any liquor. You as the defendant can help your Virginia DUI lawyer in court tell and convey a powerfully persuasive counterstory to that of the police and prosecutors. For me, each new Virginia DUI defense is as fresh and invigorating to me as my first; for me to approach such defense otherwise is to come from a weakened position, which for me is unacceptable.

Your Virginia DUI lawyer must not take your money and run

My availability to my clients is like an all you can eat buffet. I typically charge a flat fee, and fully defend each client, one at a time. If I learn that I undercharged my client due to much more evidence and needed investigation and inquiry than anticipated, so be it. My full focus and listening is on you, my Virginia DUI or criminal client. You will know that from the first time you visit me for an initial confidential consultation, which is free in my office about your court-pending case. Please call 703-383-1100 to schedule your meeting with me.