Mistakes by sleepy police and drug dogs’ schnozes

Dec 23, 2011 Mistakes by sleepy police and drug dogs’ schnozes

Police are mere humans, and are thus bound, collectively, to make frequent big mistakes. In their true nature, dogs are here to run at large, and not to be police employees pushed and rewarded to try ferreting out drugs; that alone sets them up to make big mistakes in sniffing out drugs.

Praised be Australian parliament member David Shoebridge for obtaining government figures showing that drug dogs found no drugs four out of five times that they alerted for drugs.

Praises also to the authors of "Sleep Disorders, Health, and Safety in Police Officers" in the Journal of the American Medical Association confirming that with police: "Sleep disorders often remain undiagnosed. Untreated sleep disorders among police officers may adversely affect their health and safety and pose a risk to the public," including for those working night shifts, which is a common shift for police patrolling the streets. 

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