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Nasty Virginia Prosecutors & Cops - Fairfax Criminal Lawyer Pounces

Nasty Virginia prosecutors & cops- Fairfax criminal lawyer pounces- Image of block of ice

Nasty acting Virginia prosecutors and police officers abound - Fairfax criminal lawyer does not let them be a distraction.

Nasty-acting Virginia prosecutors and law enforcement officers (LEOs) are too plentiful. As a Fairfax criminal lawyer, I knew this early in my career. The very heartlessness and poor demeanor of too many prosecutors and cops is but one reason for you, as a Virginia criminal defendant, to obtain the right lawyer for you. Your fight needs to be in persuading your judge and jury, and not to be distracted by psychological warfare, mind games, and shenanigans of police and prosecutors. Do not engage in wishful thinking that the prosecutor will deliver you a desirable plea deal nor that the prosecutor will do anything in court other than pursuing his or her case to the hilt. Your prosecutor and police officer have their own agenda, and you are not part of it, except to the extent that the Fairfax chief prosecutor and some other Virginia commonwealth's attorneys do more than engage in mere lip service about reducing the severe harm in some instances that convictions and various sentences can inflict on criminal defendants.

How do I know that my potential Virginia criminal defense lawyer will be unfazed by nasty prosecutorial and police actions?

Make sure you ask your potential Virginia criminal defense lawyer how they deal with harsh-talking / acting opponents, and how they deal with stress. Dealing with nasty actions is what I grew up with, as far back as several years of attending a summer camp that was tremendously competitive both on and off the ballfield, including with people's words. Early on in my criminal defense career, I learned the martial art of t'ai chi ch'uan / taijiquan, where some of the most vital lessons for my dealing with heartless-seeming prosecutors and cops -- and potentially stress-inducing situations -- include quieting the mind, directing negative energy to the dan tien energy center to be fully neutralized, relaxing and sinking into each physical and mental step, and cultivating the approach of being at zero at all times, rather than chasing after the energy and strength of the opponent. Your Virginia criminal defense lawyer needs to know how to pull the proverbial trigger in defending you, without hesitation and with precise marksmanship.

Won't my Virginia judge protect me from a prosecutor acting like a bull in a china shop?

Do not expect your Virginia trial judge to protect you from nasty words and actions by the prosecutor. Consider, for instance, that plenty of judges were prosecutors themselves and are fully familiar with such behavior, and may not be inclined to put much or any stop to it. Look to your lawyer to now get distracted by such words and actions, and to make appropriate motions and objections for dealing with them and for preserving the appellate record. If your lawyer persuades well with a good foundation in the evidence, the law, and common sense, even judges whose personal views align more with the prosecution's side in your case can come around to helping you more than otherwise.

Your prosecutor and police officer once were helpless infants in diapers

Before getting intimidated by police and prosecutors acting nasty, remember not only that they were once helpless infants in diapers, but that plenty of people have not overcome their insecurities since that time. That nastiness that you witness may arise from a prosecutor's or cop's psychological and spiritual pain, from their fear of being shown up by your lawyer, from being insufficiently prepared for your trial date, and from any police prevarication in their report and otherwise.

How can my lawyer effectively persuade in court for me if I am close to soiling my pants?

Early in my criminal defense career, a colleague told me I have a thick skin and an open heart, whether dealing with nasty people, hostile people, crude people or otherwise. I believe strongly in taking that approach, which helps tremendously with my persuading judges and juries, and with negotiating the best possible result for you. My clients are able to feel more grounded when they see me not sweating, but instead reloading my proverbial firearms and sharpening my proverbial swords. Virginia criminal defense is war, and is not for the faint of heart.

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