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Courthouse pollution is a manageable obstacle that never needs to sap strength

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icon-copyright When I started practicing criminal defense nearly a quarter century ago, I would sometimes feel a sense of dread in the pit of my stomach over all the injustices daily happening there. However, when we see all daily world events as being within arm’s reach whether in the same courthouse or on the other side of the globe, and when we see historical happenings as being as recent as our last breath, we will not let our location in space nor time decrease our sense of well being and strength.

Pollution in the courthouse battlefield and everywhere else, is a manageable obstacle that never needs to sap strength. With that, today I jotted down the following thoughts:

– High vibration and light can disinfect, neutralize and transmute crud.

– When we proceed knowing we are abundant in our blessings, abilities and possibilities, we are unflappable even in the face of vile behavior, just as we don’t get angry even when caught in the middle of a violent storm.

–  Although nuclear energy can be dangerous, it is an example of how our every step, action and waking second can reenergize us. A self-winding watch presents us with a similar concept, as does the idea of being cloaked with solar energy panels.

– In nature, non-human animals do not go about their days fearful of their predators, but instead proceed in accord with the rhythm, clock and energy of nature. Fear, rather than prudent planning and action, must have no place in our daily lives.

As my late teacher John Johnson exhorts us: “When we find peace, we can have power and courage and wisdom. We can go forth as true warriors in seeking after justice.”