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Prosecutorial distractions- Fairfax criminal lawyer on shrinking them

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Prosecutorial distractions- Fairfax criminal lawyer on shrinking them- Photo of hurdles

Prosecutorial distractions are meant to be shrunk and transcended, says Fairfax criminal lawyer

Prosecutorial distractions (PD’s) abound in Virginia courthouses, ranging towards irritating actions of well meaning assistant commonwealth’s attorneys to heartless and venomous harping by those whose blood has seemingly been replaced by ice in the veins. As a Fairfax criminal lawyer, I remember how one of my colleagues at a two week intensive criminal defense lawyers’ conference described me as having a thick skin and an open heart. That sums up how I have thrived and succeeded from the very beginning in the rough and tumble and sometimes seeming chaos of courtroom fights. Some of me Virginia criminal defense clients, on the other hand, are nervous even when simply appearing in court to set a trial date, which means I have work to do with them to be fully prepared to be as powerfully cool and collected at trial, and even more so if and when they testify after any waiver by them of their Constitutional Fifth Amendment right to remain silent in court and with police.

Prosecutorial distractions can be seen as being akin to not noticing the feel of our clothes on our skin at every moment

It has been said that we could go nuts if we were constantly focused on the feeling of our clothes rubbing on our against our skin. Just as most of us do not notice the feeling of our clothes during most of the day, so should Virginia criminal defendants address prosecutorial distractions in the same way, where PD’s take our focus away from the essentials of persuading the judge and any jury in our case. During a running road race, we need not focus on a puddle of dog poop on the side of the road, rather than simply bypassing the dung. A fringe benefit from focusing on victory rather than succumbing to PD’s, is that such transcendence can drive many prosecutors crazy, at least if their unsavory behavioral vomit was intent.

What if the prosecutor is nasty to me on the witness stand?

If you do testify at your Virginia criminal trial and if the prosecutor is nasty to you, here is how to minimize such prosecutorial distractions. First, if the prosecutor were confident in his or her chances of courtroom success, then why would s/he present themselves other than as class acts, in the first place? Second, the prosecutor cannot physically harm you; his or her blather is but hot air. Next, if the prosecutor comes across as so angry that s/he has a proverbial neck vein about to burst — and your criminal defense lawyer is entitled to object to impermissible prosecutorial misbehavior and to ask you follow up questions aft the prosecutor questions you —  the prosecutor has lost sufficient control of his or her actions, which consequently weakens the Virginia assistant commonwealth’s attorney. Do not mimic the prosecutor — for all the foibles of so many of them — but instead find yourself a Virginia criminal defense attorney who is invigorated by the entire courthouse experience, thrives in that environment, and is sufficiently experienced, skilled, knowledgeable and devoted to your cause to be pumped up in a way that brings you closer to courtroom victory

What can I as a Virginia criminal defendant do to help empower my attorney to do achieve great successes for me in court?

When you select the right Virginia criminal defense lawyer for you you will be more likely to be in sync with that attorney, and will be a powerful team empowering and emboldening each other to remain undistracted by even the worst of prosecutorial distractions. If the prosecutor or judge hollers at your lawyer, that may not mean that your criminal defense attorney is faltering rather than being so effective that the assistant commonwealth’s attorney is becoming desperate and grasping for straws, and the barking judge may at the very least be concerned about what time s/he will finish with the daily court docket, or else be skepticism about any thinking and acting outside the box by your lawyer. I know as a Fairfax criminal lawyer that possible as the trial proceeds or on your attorney’s next time before that judge, your lawyer’s beneficial brilliance will shine through to make the judge realize that your attorney help serve one of the most important goals of so many judges, which is to move along trials and all court proceedings in an efficient manner that thus provides other litigants the opportunity to have their own day, or minutes or hour, in court.

Fairfax criminal lawyer Jonathan Katz believes in being as tough as nails while pursuing your best defense against Virginia DUI, misdemeanor and criminal prosecutions. This approach for Jon Katz is the opposite of posturing and baring fangs, but instead is his way of always being trial ready should settlement / plea negotiations not go to your liking. Many lawyers have little or no trial experience. Nothing replaces such experience to powerfully make trials second nature on your behalf. Call 703-383-1100 for your free in-person confidential consultation with Jon about your court-pending case.