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Roll With the Punches for Court Victory Says Fairfax Criminal Lawyer

Roll with the punches for court victory says Fairfax criminal lawyer- Image of punching fist

Roll with the punches for obtaining maximum success in Virginia court, says Fairfax criminal lawyer

Roll with the punches means not only to adapt to adverse circumstances, but to turn any curveball to one's advantage as much as possible. As a Fairfax criminal lawyer, I know that battle scars from court are opportunities to readjust, fine-tune, and refocus for pursuing the best possible result in court. Where do these punches from from? They can come from the written law, judicial actions, prosecutorial behavior, and police behavior. At the very least, choose your Virginia criminal lawyer wisely so that you are minimizing the risk that those punches are coming from your own side. Defending yourself against Virginia DUI, felony and misdemeanor prosecutions is not checkers but three-dimensional chess, requiring not just wits, but stamina, positively helpful energy, and gutting it out when others intentionally or unintentionally do things that can sap your energy. When your criminal defense lawyer has fought in the courtroom pits again and again, such endeavors for victory for you become second nature, and as effortless in many ways as breathing.

The prosecutor, cops, alleged victim and their supporters may try to get a rise out of you. Your judge may try to intimidate you to plead guilty or no contest. Roll with the punches.

Psychological warfare is not beyond the possible actions of various Virginia assistant commonwealth's attorneys / prosecutors, nor numerous police, alleged victims and their supporters, including when they are not confident that you will be convicted. Judges exist who will try to scare you to settle your case rather than taking up court time for a trial. Roll with the punches. The judge may say that if you do not settle the case, you will have a judge who has not seen your case until recently. The judge with the straightest of faces might insistently ask why this case cannot settle. Ugh. You have the Constitutional right to please innocent / not guilty, and to have a trial. U.S. Const. Amend. V. Watch your Virginia criminal defense lawyer for whether s/he gets bent out of shaped by such distasteful behavior from others, or keeps thinking, rethinking, strategizing, and restrategizing to pursue your best defense.

What do heckled out-of-town athletes and Virginia criminal defendants have in common?

As much as it may feel unsettling -- hopefully at worse -- to be heckled, great politicians and professional athletes who get heckled have blazed a trail where they roll with the punches, both to blunt such heckling and to put it into a productive perspective. A fellow martial arts practitioner -- more advanced than I, and a teacher of the art -- characterized yelling and ugly words from others as just wind. Not all my clients instantly internalize such an approach, but it works well for me. Cops, prosecutors, and alleged trial victims may want to throw you or your lawyer off of their A-game, including when a prosecutor dumps thousands of pages and dozens of hours of video and audio on your Virginia criminal defense lawyer's desk for discovery, and then adds even more discovery to the mix. Thomas Clark v. Commonwealth of Virginia, ___ Va. App. ___.  When your attorney does not expect great things from your opponents but demands fair and respectful behavior, the stage is set for a battle, no matter how much that inflicts maximum harm on the opponent, when the goal is not supposed to be trial victory, and not getting bogged down in playing the dozens with the opponent.

You didn't ask to be dragged into court, but this is now your battleground and gladiator fight

Watch as many prosecutors, police and even some judges seem to assume of a role Virginia criminal and DUI defendants' cases through the courthouse like an assembly line. To roll with the punches is not to give into the opponent a wet noodle to confront, and never to give your power to others,. You are a human being, not a number, and not some sort of widget to be seen as hardly similar than the criminal defendant who preceded you. Find out if your potential Virginia criminal defense lawyer thrives with such work, despite all the bows and arrows that might be slinged his way and your way. That kind of winning attitude is what helps give your defense attorney that essential oomph to raise your defense to the next quantum level or two.

Is it new-age mumbo jumbo to see Virginia criminal defense as anything but using brute force to get myself out of this case?

Victories are few and far between when brute force is used while endeavoring to roll with the punches. Great athletes and armies do not win that way, and nor will you. A great Virginia criminal defense lawyer for you will endeavor to learn and internalize your relevant story, and to tell that story to your jury and judge, in the most persuasive way possible, including incorporating the story of your case into every essential stage of the trial, that being jury selection / voir dire, opening statements, cross-examination, and closing argument. When you and your criminal attorney erase gunk from your mind and quiet your minds, magical things can happen.

Fairfax lawyer Jonathan Katz pursues your best defense against Virginia DUI, misdemeanor, and criminal prosecutions. Your best defense will be an acquittal or outright dismissal and will carry on from there. Choose your Virginia criminal defense lawyer wisely, and reap the rewards down the road. Call 703-383-1100 for your free in-person initial confidential consultation With Jon Katz.