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Select Your Attorney Wisely Says Fairfax Criminal Lawyer

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Select your attorney with at least as much care as you would choose a surgeon, says Fairfax criminal lawyer

Select your Virginia criminal defense attorney as if you are on a vital mission, and you will thank yourself. As a Fairfax criminal lawyer, I know the impulses that can set in to make that choice right away, but it is ideal to interview a few attorneys before choosing one. For me, this is imperfectly analogous to my correct choice of a plumber to replace my home's burst water main, which happened only weeks after moving into my house. I obtained names a few professionals. The seemingly best company took a day to reply. Another company called me back right away, but its owner seemed to have very little experience in this area and not an exploratory approach rather than knowing how to go for the jugular. I hired the company that took a day to respond, found this team to know precisely what it was doing, and only saw any shaking in the owner's voice once the job was done, and when he revealed how potentially treacherous the project had shown itself to be, all surmounted by this great team quickly, permanently fixed, and at a price comparable to the other company.

Should I select the first Virginia criminal defense lawyer to answer my inquiry?

Impulse will draw plenty of Virginia criminal defendants to pull out their credit card soon after finding the first lawyer who seems to fit the bill. But why select your attorney with such haste? Because of limited time to invest the necessary effort to find the right fit with a lawyer to whom you will entrust your hopes, fears and liberty? Because a close family member has been rooting for that lawyer? Because that attorney gave you an immediate phone consultation rather than fitting you into the attorney's schedule? Don't you want your potential Virginia criminal lawyer to be sufficiently busy that s/he may have to schedule you for an initial appointment? Don't you want to meet your potential attorney face-t0-face (unless you live far away), to get a better sense of that attorney's persona, essence and drive to deliver great results for you? Are you ready to possibly alienate friends and loved ones -- as well meaning as they and their attorney references may seem to them -- to serve your own needs?

What should I make of a Virginia criminal lawyer who will only meet with me for free if it is by an in-person appointment?

I freely offer a complimentary initial consultation with a criminal defendant with a court-pending case, so long as they meet with me in person. I take that approach because it is worth it for both of us to invest our full time and attention into this critical first meeting to select your Virginia criminal attorney / Fairfax DUI lawyer. As an in-person visitor,  you can see your potential attorney's command center, meet his or her staff, and focus on each other in ways that a phone call or Zoom meeting does not satisfy; I usually am flexible to meet initially by phone with a potential criminal defense client, but for a reasonable fee that I typically credit to the flat fee I quote at our initial meeting.

How quickly should I move to obtain a Virginia criminal defense lawyer for my relative being held in jail on a no-bond status?

When your friend or loved one is being held on a no-bond status pending trial or a Virginia preliminary hearing, a quicker pace is needed to find and select a qualified attorney. I ordinarily can make the time to talk the same day under such circumstances, with an eye towards arranging for a bond / pretrial release hearing for soon after I have first been contacted. Nonetheless, the above approaches are still ideal here as well, but at a quicker pace.

What if I learn that I did not select well in choosing my Virginia criminal lawyer?

If any time existed in your life for being selfish, that time is now in arranging to select your Virginia criminal lawyer in terms of not engaging in this choice to make anyone other than you happy. If your head or gut tell you that you have hired the wrong attorney, talk about that with your lawyer unless you see no glimmer of hope of repairing matters. A good Virginia criminal lawyer will welcome your inquiry, at least if communicated diplomatically even if firmly. A good attorney will make your interests and liberty paramount, will not see you as a wad of $100 or $1000 bills, and will sincerely want your case outcome to be good, no matter whom you choose as your Virginia criminal lawyer.

Should I trust my gut and instinct when I select my Fairfax criminal lawyer / Virginia DUI attorney?

Our instincts helped save our cavepeople relatives' butts innumerable times. Definitely use your head as part of spending the time to select the best possible Virginia criminal lawyer for you. At the same time, it is a short-term match between you and an attorney who ideally are going to be spending significant time together, possibly one or more times in front of a challenging judge and a prosecutor and police officer, seemingly with ice in their veins. Do not ignore if your sense of well-being warns you about your potential attorney or makes you feel right about the fit between you. At the same time, this is not a seance nor fortune-telling session in choosing your Virginia criminal lawyer. Never check your intelligence and common sense at the door.

Fairfax criminal lawyer Jonathan Katz places your liberty and plight as paramount in pursuing your best defense, and will fully engage with you as a team in doing so. Call 703-383-1100 for your free in-person initial consultation with Jon Katz for fighting your court-pending Virginia DUI, felony or misdemeanor prosecution.