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Criminal defendants’ Fifth Amendment rights after pleading guilty

Merely because other criminal defense lawyers represent the accused, does not mean they always have the best interests in mind for other criminal defendants. For instance, when co-defendants are charged with serious felony counts, the situation often looks like every man for himself as defendants...

A criminal defense lawyer needs to help the jury avoid buyer’s remorse

The right criminal defense lawyer truly can make the difference between a favorable and unfavorable trial outcome, not only through case preparation, but by fully internalizing and well-executing the importance of the lawyer's role in swaying the jury in the right direction.

Lawyers must know the terrain of the courthouse before court day

A hilarious story -- but pathetic were it not fiction -- came across a lawyers' listserv once, about an out-of-state lawyer who arrived for trial in a small Louisiana town. Soon after the lawyer's arrival, the judge took the bench, and greeted everyone in French.