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Virginia criminal trial dates- Fairfax criminal lawyer undoes mystery

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Virginia criminal trial dates- Fairfax criminal lawyer eliminates their mystery for you

Virginia criminal trial dates (VCTD’s) cause apprehension in many accused people, for instance from fear of possible conviction and incarceration, stagefright, and simply feeling out of place. As a Fairfax criminal lawyer, I understand all these concerns. For my clients, I am their guide to help transform their court date from something to risk losing sleep over to embracing. This is your opportunity to obtain justice in your case. Yes, the risk of conviction and loss of liberty also exists, but in many instances if you play your cards right and in close teamwork with your qualified attorney, you can better navigate your way to a favorable court result. The courthouses belong to you and everyone else who enters their doors. Judges, police and prosecutors are paid by your tax dollars (even when they appear to forget that). You have more control than you may realize, when prosecuted for an alleged Virginia DUI, felony or misdemeanor offense.

How do I face my fears of Virginia criminal trial dates? By eliminating the mysteries of the courthouse and your case itself

Virginia criminal trial dates are not structured to be a picnic. Particularly in such busy county courthouses as Fairfax, the judges are keenly aware that caseloads are not going to subside on their behalf, and that efficiently handling each case helps avoid and reduce backlog.  VCTD’s are proverbial warfare, without physical weapons. That is no exaggeration. Any Virginia criminal defense lawyer who expects genteel or yielding behavior from the assistant commonwealth’s attorney / prosecutor has a shocking wakeup call to come. Then again, many a prosecutor is also going to feel out of sorts in the courthouse depending on the situation. For instance, did I ever tell you of my bawdyplace frequenting trial where the prosecutor ultimately was in tears asking the judge to rule in her favor — the very same prosecutor who on many prior occasions talked about my clients’ plights in a dismissive tone. Suffice it to say, tears, pleading, and urging do not obtain favorable results in court, and the law does not permit it to be any other way. It helps to have a thick skin with an open heart, as one of my colleagues described me at the National Criminal Defense College’s Trial Practice Institute, after I consistently stood my persuasive ground with actors who tried many tricks in the book in their role as challenging clients and witnesses I cross examined. Criminal trial work is not for everybody — with all its rough and tumble and law of the jungle — while for me, I have always thrived with rough and tumble and the law of the jungle. You may want to ask your potential Virginia criminal lawyer what s/he does to deal with prosecutorial shenanigans, judges motivated by racism and overlooking their oaths (at best), and police who care more about convicting those they believe deserve it, rather than serving the public as opposed to doing the opposite.

The right criminal defense lawyer can deflate the courthouse mystery by simply taking persuasive charge of the situation

When going into major surgery where you will receive general anesthesia, the situation is at once scary not knowing if you will wake up at the end, but also simplified by not knowing what is going un while you are anesthetized. The more you trust your lawyer, the less concerned you will be about any mystery about your Virginia criminal trial dates. Here are some approaches I take to helping my Virginia criminal and DUI defense clients feel more comfortable, in control, and powerful in the courthouse. For starters, I encourage them to visit the courthouse before their trial dates. The fear of court and many other major occurrences is the unknown. These courthouses are simple buildings, yes often with windowless and lifeless-seeming courtrooms, sometimes with unsmiling portraits of late and past judges. Guess, what, though? Plenty of those unsmiling people in those portraits, sitting judges, prosecutors and police did not feel so confident in their first week of law school or the police academy. And they all once wore diapers and were helpless babies just like you. Sometimes the booming and even yelling voice of any of them is an expression of their own fear and insufficient self esteem.

Virginia courthouses are safer to visit than parachuting into enemy territory

Over 9,000 allied troops suffered mortal or lesser wounds in the first twenty-four hours of the D-Day invasion. Entering a courthouse is nowhere as bad as that. In fact, Virginia criminal trial dates are your opportunity to obtain justice in the face of risking conviction and sentencing. Obtaining the right Virginia criminal defense lawyer for you helps enhance your chances of victory and reduce your risks of getting wounded or discombobulated. You may wish to ask your potential Virginia criminal defense lawyer how s/he handles stress in court, judges who rule blatantly wrongly, jurors when they seem to decide contrary to what makes sense, and prosecutors and police who will not hesitate to throw proverbial dirt in their eyes. How do I handle all of that? By a combination of knowing that I have gladly chosen this battleground, and by engaging for years in martial arts and meditative/mindfulness practice.

How can I minimize the risks of feeling all distraught in Virginia criminal court?

It is normal to fear the new, the unknown, and the places that involve risk to your liberty and reputation. By facing and knowing our fears, they become less fear-inducing, which is why I urge obtaining the right lawyer for you, and to make sure that s/he welcomes your sharing your fears about your Virginia criminal trial dates, so that your attorney may help you put the matters in perspective and to help make you into a more helpful member of the criminal defense lawyer-client team. Also, take care of your physical and spiritual health. Do not wait until the day or two before court to get sufficient sleep each night, to eat and exercise right, and to nurture your spirit. Start now, if even with such small steps as getting to bed before midnight, reducing any junk you eat, taking a walk for at least a few blocks, and sitting for a few minutes just focusing on the now and on your breath. And laugh, whether that comes from watching an obnoxiously hilarious sitcom, calling your friend who always transforms you into a laughing hyena, or talking in a high-pitched voice after sucking helium from a balloon. Simply looking up at the beautiful sky helps put things in perspective. No matter how challenging matters have been on the ground over the millenia, the sky continues on its own with its beautiful clouds and sun, uninterrupted.

Own the courthouse, and dress the part

This is your Virginia courthouse as much as anyone else’s. You may wish to ask your potential criminal lawyer if s/he sees the courthouse as his or her home away from home, which I do. The thought of spending entire days behind a desk rather than being alive in the courthouse and the courtroom does not mesh for me. The rough and tumble of Virginia criminal trial dates has from day one been my exciting challenge. Also, dress right by dressing respectfully and dressing down so that you rather than your clothes are noticed.

Develop mental and physical stamina, and avoid needing to make many restroom visits

If your case goes to trial, you will be in the courtroom for long stretches of time, away from your cellphone, from the restroom, often from windows, and from being in control of your schedule. You may wish to ask your potential Virginia criminal defense lawyer about his or her experience successfully handling multi-day trials, and remaining mentally and physically alert at all times during Virginia criminal trial dates. Helping me for this to be a simple task have been my years of long distance running, long meditative sits, and simply being energized at the prospect of obtaining justice for my Virginia criminal defense clients with everything I do in the courthouse. Related to stamina is avoiding needing unnecessary restroom breaks. That can start with not ingesting caffeine before the court day concludes, because caffeine is a diuretic. I do recommend carrying sufficiently nutritious powerbars and trail mix in your pockets or nearby, so that you are not merely at the nutrition mercy of judge-declared lunch breaks. And remain well hydrated.

Prepare, prepare, prepare for Virginia criminal trial dates

Even a long journey starts with the first step. Ask your Virginia criminal defense lawyer what you can do to feel more grounded in court, and to help your lawyer help you with Virginia criminal trial dates. Ask your lawyer what self improvement steps you might take (for instance, for a drug case to do many hours of community service, to enter a drug program, and to regularly urinate negative samples). Your self improvement can help case negotiations and (if it happens) sentencing. Make sure your lawyer prepares you to testify, even if the likelihood of doing so is small. You alone get to decide if you will waive your right to remain silent and testify, so make sure your lawyer covers possible direct and cross examination questions of you, handling objections, and keeping and regaining your composure when thrown a curveball.

Win as much victory as you can

In the end, it is better to obtain success with Virginia criminal trial dates and to still feel out of sorts to a point, than to think you feel all calm and then to be severely shocked by an unfavorable case result. You may want to ask your potential Virginia criminal defense lawyer about his or her devotion to winning, to avoid losing, and to never rest on any laurels on the path of fighting for your best defense.

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