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Finding the best Virginia criminal lawyer for you- Your guide

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Finding the best Virginia criminal lawyer for your is critical for turning the tables against the prosecution and cops

Finding the Best Virginia criminal lawyer for you is one of the most critical decisions that you will make in your life. As a Fairfax criminal lawyer, I know that when the handcuffs get tightened on your wrists, you are at a crossroads between letting that arrest define what happens in the rest of your case, and proverbially crushing those handcuffs to a pulp. Achieving great results against your Virginia felony, misdemeanor, drug or DUI case is not for amateurs when considering the seasoned prosecutor and police whom you are going against. You are on the road to obtaining more victory in court — ideally through an acquittal or dismissal, or else through a favorable negotiation or sentencing — when you hire a highly-persuasive, highly-experienced, and cunning Virginia criminal lawyer who is single-minded and single-hearted about defending you to the hilt, braving the proverbial bows and arrows that come with the territory, and showing the battle scars that come along with it. That is the only way I enter the courtroom.

But isn’t that expensive to hire a seasoned rather than newer Virginia criminal lawyer?

A Virginia criminal conviction will haunt you for years to come, can damage your reputation, and can alter the course of your status for obtaining and keeping your career status, security clearance, and immigration status. You would not hire the cheapest doctor to do brain surgery on you, and you will not want to look at price as the only factor in hiring an attorney. Moreover, if your lawyer secures an acquittal or dismissal of your Virginia criminal prosecution, you will avoid active and suspended jail time, probation, probation conditions, court fines and costs, and, for Virginia DUI cases, loss or narrowing of driving privileges and mandatory completion of the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program (VASAP) program. Finding the right Virginia criminal lawyer for you takes work, but is worth it.

How do I go about finding and interviewing the best Virginia criminal lawyer for me?

See my tips and free webinar on finding the best Virginia criminal lawyer for you. Do not hesitate to include asking your potential Virginia criminal attorney the tough questions that need to be asked about the lawyer’s interest, availability, suitability and billing structure to defend you. Be ready to ask your potential criminal defense attorney what his or her initial game plan is for obtaining as much justice as possible for you in court. Observe whether your potential criminal lawyer, when talking with you, looks you straight in the eyes with caring, respect, competence, and interest in helping you. See whether this lawyer welcomes and directly answers your questions. For me, your questions are a gift, an opportunity for us to engage in unlocking the way to obtain as much victory as possible for you in court.

My case seems minor enough. Why don’t I simply save money and time by pleading guilty?

Would you rather avoiding surgery in the first place than to try to slice off a cyst on your body yourself? One mis-step can spell dangerous bleeding, infection, and making the situation even more dangerous and harmful than when you started. No jailable Virginia criminal prosecution is so minor that you should consider foregoing hiring a qualified criminal defense lawyer. The cop in your case may smirk or chuckle at any suggestion by you about wanting to hire a lawyer, but that can come from the place of disrespecting your Constitutional and individual rights and/or from the officer’s knowing that his or her day in court will go much more smoothly when the police officer has no seasoned Virginia criminal defense lawyer with whom to contend. Finding the right Virginia criminal defense lawyer for you is essential.

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