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Private prosecutors are limited by Virginia law says Fairfax criminal lawyer

Private prosecutors are the exception to the usual Virginia practice of having prosecutors be elected officials or their employees, or private practicing lawyers hired by incorporated cities or towns. As a Fairfax criminal lawyer, I am ready to seek the disqualification of a private prosecutor...

Jurisdiction of JDR court for Virginia criminal cases- View of Fairfax lawyer

Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Court (“JDR”) is one of two Virginia misdemeanor courts, the other one being the General District Court (“GDC”). As a Fairfax criminal lawyer, I know that jurisdiction and venue sometimes needs challenging in Virginia criminal cases. Today’s blog entry focuses...

Commonwealth of VA jails report you to ICE says Fairfax criminal lawyer

Commonwealth of Virginia jails will report the names of all non-United States citizens to United States immigration authorities. As a Fairfax criminal defense lawyer, I know that the Virginia legislator has passed legislation that will limit such mandatory ICE reporting to felonies only.