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Winning Court Cases by Aiming Beyond the Target and Unblocking

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Winning court cases by aiming beyond the target and unblocking - Fairfax

Winning court cases by aiming beyond the target and unblocking – Fairfax

Winning court cases calls for aiming beyond the target of success and eliminating blockages on the path to winning. As a Fairfax criminal lawyer, I am always pursuing new paths of winning and refining the victorious approaches that I already know.

Winning court cases involves aiming high and following through, says Fairfax criminal lawyer

For starters, I follow the lesson of a taekwondo/ Korean karate practitioner who told me that when he breaks boards with his hands and feet, he aims for a point beyond the board, which both assures the break and reduces the risk of breaking a bone. I add that when we aim for a point beyond our goal, we are focused on achieving victory by quantum levels, rather than looking at the potential depths to which one might fall in the event of failure. This aiming for a point beyond the board is akin to following through with the tennis racket swing after hitting the ball.

Naysayers are anti-vibrations to winning

All of this is a path of winning through recognizing obstacles while also finding ways to disintegrate, move and transform those obstacles. Along this path will be naysaying criminal defense lawyers insisting that such a path is a waste of time. Theirs are anti-vibrations, which are also easy to transcend with high vibrations on the path to victory.

Fortunately, from early on I put the naysayers in proper perspective, including my relative who opined that a successful trial lawyer must be a good actor, and claimed I had not proven myself as an actor. No, a great trial lawyer finds, pursues, and cultivateshis or her greatness at every turn, driven by full devotion to the client.

Thanks deeply to my teacher Gerry Spence, possibly the world’s greatest living trial lawyer, for not throwing in the towel when a mock trial judge warned Gerry “You’ll never become a trial lawyer… You… [should examine] real estate abstracts or something like that.”

Fairfax criminal lawyer knows our minds and practice are amazing tools on the road to victor

Virginia criminal defense can be messy business, with plenty of proverbial sh*tstorms, vomit and gladiator challenges. Essential ingredients for victory in this arena include constant positive and well-focused practice, and unleashing the mind’s limitations. The goal is to keep practicing both to remain on the path and to rise even higher. In that regard, the every-improving taijiquan megamaster Ben Lo asked his megamaster teacher Cheng Man Ch’ing “How come after all these years I still can’t push you?” Professor Cheng replied: “Do you think I’ve stopped improving?”

Practice and improvement on the path of criminal defense victory never ends.

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