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Winning Criminal Cases with Martial Arts & Contemplative Practice

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Winning criminal cases with martial arts & contemplative practice

Winning criminal cases with martial arts & contemplative practice

Winning criminal cases for the defense requires ability, knowledge and experience by the criminal defense attorney. As a Fairfax Virginia criminal lawyer, I repeatedly crystallize my ideas about the path to court victory, including the benefits of martial arts and contemplative/mindfulness/meditative practice.

Winning criminal cases calls for constant practice and attention

While the principles of my martial art taijiquan, and of contemplative practice may be easy to understand, they are profound and call for correct and regular practice.

Taijiquan is all about harmonizing imbalanced situations so that any bows and arrows that come my way are another exercise in effectuating taijiquan balance. Mindfulness/contemplative/meditative practice softens and opens my spirit, heart and mind in order to well absorb the necessary lessons and principles of effective criminal defense and life practice.

Fairfax, Virginia criminal lawyer welcomes the challenges of courtroom battle, even when messy and unfair

Not only is it important for me as a Fairfax criminal lawyer to be ready for sh*tstorms and unfair actions by many judges, prosecutors and opposing witnesses, but to welcome each such occurrence as an opportunity to improve myself on this path of criminal defense victory. This is all the opposite about the lawyer’s shutting off feelings and emotions, but is instead battling with full engagement without allowing emotional debilitation from ugliness and potential harmfulness from others.

Achieving criminal defense victory is a never-ending practice

Additionally, taijiquan /t’ai chi ch’uan practice helps make all daily activities and tasks more powerfully and effectively effortless. Taijiquan is about being as calm as a river and as powerful as a tidal wave. By being like a river, the taijiquan practitioner’s daily activities and actions flow more effortlessly from one moment into the next.

Meditative practice helps me perceive my abundant strength, helps me be more sensitive in deeply listening between the lines and to others’ overall being, and helps me maintain an open heart and open ears to be ready for all challenge.

All this meditative and taijiquan practice goes beyond calming oneself and focusing, to positively rewire how I approach every challenge in and out of court.

Fairfax, Virginia, criminal lawyer Jonathan L. Katz embraces the fighting and contemplative arts on the road to victory for his clients. To discuss your case with Jon, please call 703-383-1100 to schedule an appointment.