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Winning Criminal Cases with Martial Arts & Contemplative Practice

Winning criminal cases for the defense requires ability, knowledge and experience by the criminal defense attorney. As a Fairfax, Virginia criminal lawyer, I repeatedly crystallize my ideas about the path to court victory, including the benefits of martial arts and contemplative/mindfulness/meditative practice.

Negotiating and talking with prosecutors in the right zone/circle

In the taijiquan martial art that I practice, we have the concepts of sparring inside a circle, disrupting the opponent's circle, and preventing the opponent from disrupting our own circle. Similarly, it is ideal for me to speak and negotiate with prosecutors in a proverbial...

In Trial Battle, Relax and Practice, and Be Ready for Vomit and Other Messes

My blog entries on trial practice boil down to relaxing and practicing, just as amazing taijiquan teacher Ben Lo reminds his students that the key foundation of excelling in taijiquan is “relax and practice”. For relaxation, I mean active relaxation, not collapsing. Certainly, brittleness is...

Sifting intelligence gems out of police hollering

Recently, I asked a police officer a few very direct questions about his actions with my client. Had I asked the questions more gently, I may have gotten no less a beneficial result, but I asked them as I did. The officer got irritated. He...