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Battling Successfully Via Teamwork – Virginia Criminal Lawyer

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Battling successfully via teamwork - Virginia criminal lawyer

Battling successfully via teamwork – Virginia criminal lawyer

Virginia criminal lawyer on battling successfully via teamwork

Battling successfully through teamwork is a key part of my work as a Virginia criminal lawyer. This is the second installment of a two-part series on this topic; part one is here.

Fairfax criminal attorney on the winning inspiration of lacrosse coach Robert Streeten

In overnight summer camp at the age of thirteen, I was blessed that my combined lacrosse-bunk counselor was Robert Streeten. Bob was kind and funny, and loved seeing campers enjoy lacrosse and experience the rush that comes from victory.

Lacrosse is a great game. Unlike the often slow process of a baseball game, lacrosse is filled with constant movement, fast ball velocity with ball cradling keeping the ball in one’s net through centrifugal force, and a the offense-defense thrill of soccer combined with the body contact aspects of football. This is a game where the players even get to run behind the goal.

Virginia DUI attorney on the winning benefits of tough love

After being out of touch for decades with Bob Streeten, I learned that he had tremendously distinguished himself through year after year coaching winning high school lacrosse teams in Corning, New York. When another high school combined with his, Bob experienced pushback over his tough love approach to obtaining wins year after year. That pushback was the team’s profound loss, as Bob — who admits his tough love approach, as do I in my work — simply withdrew his name from being considered for an annual contract renewal, instead simply coaching elsewhere.

Battling successfully is not only limited to criminal defense, underlines Virginia criminal attorney.

Recently, I tracked down and emailed Bob. I told him how much his story inspired me, and how his experience reconfirmed that I am on the right path through encouraging my clients to work with me on the path to victory, and assembling and nurturing staff members who will keep their eyes on the prize of winning.

When we tell our teachers how much we appreciate them, we not only are staying on the essential and winning path of non-ego, gratitude, service/generosity and compassion, but also are giving our teachers the honor they deserve.

Bob emailed me back, was struck that I had remembered him after these four decades plus, told me about the magic that resulted from a neighbor’s placing a lacrosse stick in his hands, and wrote about his family and decades-long career as a high school history teacher. This man has devoted decades of service by now to thousands of youths (by my count) in developing their minds, athletic ability, and competitive skills.

Consequently, this blog entry not only is about battling towards victory with teamwork, tough love and non-ego, but also is my thanks to my many great teachers on that path, including but hardly limited to Robert Streeten, Steve Rench, SunWolf, Gerry Spence, Jun Yasuda, Ben Lo, and Julian Chu. Deeply thanking and bowing to them all.

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