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Winning via tough love & non-anger – Fairfax criminal lawyer

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Winning via tough love & non-anger - Fairfax criminal lawyer

Winning via tough love & non-anger – Fairfax criminal lawyer

Fairfax criminal lawyer on achieving victory in felony, misdemeanor & DUI cases with effective and devoted teamwork

Winning via tough love and non-anger is a path I repeatedly follow in defending my clients against Virginia felony, misdemeanor & DUI/DWI charges. Before a client even hires me, as a Fairfax criminal lawyer I provide recommendations to them about proactive steps to take for improving their prospects for any case negotiations and any sentencing (while driving the path of victory through always being trial ready).

Winning via tough love can yield the desired results for criminal defendants

Once we are hired, my staff and I hit the ground running preparing our defense, which early on includes assembling essential evidence in the case and filing essential pleadingswith the court.

Non-anger is essential as I enter litigation and courthouse battle and sh*tstorms, because doing the opposite weakens a criminal defense lawyer and makes him or her deaf to opportunities that exist right that moment.

Virginia criminal attorney on the role of teamwork in winning in court

No matter how much my clients might think that my law degree puts in my hands all work towards victory, we are stronger as a team when my clients pursue the equities assignments I recommend to them, and when they are fully open and honest with me as I map out a strategy for obtaining as much victory in their case as possible. With my staff, I work with them to get our t’s crossed and i’s dotted in getting the largest and most minute details taken care of. It helps that my staff is devoted to a winning approach at all times. (To be continued.)

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