Choosing a Fairfax DUI lawyer or criminal attorney

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Jul 31, 2019 Choosing a Fairfax DUI lawyer or criminal attorney


Choosing a Fairfax DUI lawyer or criminal attorney - Image of contract

Choosing a Fairfax DUI lawyer or criminal attorney – Image of contract

Choosing a Fairfax DUI lawyer or criminal defense attorney – Things to consider

Choosing a Fairfax DUI lawyer or criminal attorney is a critically important decision. Here are some things to consider in making that choice:

Criminal defense work is not for the faint of heart. As a Fairfax DUI lawyer / criminal attorney, I know that this work often approaches a proverbial gladiator fight, where the rules are not fair enough, often not sufficiently followed, and often not sufficiently enforced. I flourish in such an environment, where winning as much victory as possible is my goal.

Choosing a Fairfax DUI lawyer after asking what motivates the potential lawyer to do such work

Criminal and DUI defense is a calling. See what happens when you ask your potential lawyer the reason why s/he chose criminal defense and how much of his or her practice is criminal defense. I do this work because I know I am on the side of the angels, love my clients, and love fighting for my clients and obtaining justice for them.

A great criminal defense lawyer does not need to be a former prosecutor, as I explain here and here. Similarly, a great soldier does not need experience fighting for the enemy army. A great criminal lawyer needs excellent relevant experience, skill, knowledge, and devotion to his or her clients and work.

Fairfax criminal lawyer on avoiding low price guiding the choice of a lawyer

Low price should guide the choosing of a lawyer no more than seeking a low-priced doctor. Of course a defendant cannot pay for a lawyer beyond his or her financial means, and many excellent court appointed lawyers practice in the courthouses. Nonetheless, for those with financial means, it is important to recognize that a lawyer needs to be sufficiently armed and resourced to battle well for his or her client.

– What do other people say about the lawyer? What do the lawyer’s clients and fellow lawyers say about the lawyer on AVVO and elsewhere? Consider the source of the comments, of course.

–What does your gut tell you? In addition to considering the above-listed factors, it is important to trust your instincts in choosing a lawyer and to listen to your instincts while fighting alongside your lawyer. For that matter, how good are the lawyer’s instincts?

Fairfax DUI lawyer / criminal attorney Jonathan L. Katz pursues your best defense against felony, misdemeanor and DUI prosecutions, To discuss your case with Jon Katz, please call his staff at 703-383-1100 to schedule a confidential consultation. 

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