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Working with your Virginia DUI lawyer from start to finish

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Working with your Virginia - Image of teamwork rockclimbers DUI lawyer from start to finish -

Working with your Virginia DUI lawyer from start to finish

Working with your Virginia DUI lawyer is a team effort

Working with your Virginia DUI lawyer is about teamwork and not standing on the sidelines as a spectator. As a Fairfax criminal lawyer, I have experienced the wonderful results that take place when my client and I work as a united front.

Virginia DUI lawyer on never giving up and never giving in while working with your attorney

DWI and criminal clients should never give up nor give in. No matter how challenging or even bleak a DUI defendant’s prospects look at first blush, the defendant has the choice between remaining in that fecal situation, or working to transcend and leave the feces behind.

The teamwork between a lawyer and his or her client is not a happy waltz, but instead should be about working to revealed to one’s lawyer what happened on the incident date, warts and all. A good Virginia DUI lawyer is compassionate but firm in getting to the bottom of the situation to obtain the best possible results. The criminal defendant has a unique perspective and memory that his or her criminal defense lawyer will be unable to tap from anywhere else. This is among the many reasons why a DUI and criminal defendant must always be honest when working with his or her lawyer.

Fairfax DUI lawyer warns against speaking out in the courtroom

Repeatedly I witness represented criminal defendants speak out to the judge in the courtroom rather than waiting to be offered to speak or letting their lawyer do the talking. The signal that such behavior gives the judge is that the criminal defendant has either limited confidence about working with his or her lawyer or else that the defendant lacks good sense, self control or both. Such speaking out will not benefit the defendant. Yes, a represented party has the right to be heard, but at the right place and time and in the right way. And silence by criminal defendants so often is golden.

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